What Could Have Happened

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Submitted: September 09, 2015

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Submitted: September 09, 2015



I was getting tired of sitting on the couch. Amber was really high and watching her made me feel like a total hypocrite. I walked through the sweaty teenage bodies out the screen door into the backyard. I forgot how hot it was in there. It was a cool August night, just before sophomore year. Ed’s backyard was stringed with fairy lights and spotlights that made the Midwestern vegetation glow like a mirage that we were somewhere tropical. His backyard looked like it had been done by a professional landscaper, it probably was. Fucking rich people. Where even were Ed’s parents? I had no idea, not that they would even care what was going on. They’ve let him do stuff like this since seventh grade. Fucking rich people. There were a few kids out here, making out, talking. Most people had gone inside when they heard some song play.

I started walking towards the big white Sound of Music style gazebo in the back of the yard. Why was I even here? I hated parties. I hated these parties in particular. As soon as Peter staggered over to me I was reminded why.

“Heyyy Sophie”

“Hi, Peter”

“What’s up? I feel like I haven’t seen you all summer?”

Peter had been Ed’s best friend for years, despite that fact I don’t think he liked Ed very much. Peter didn’t usually get drunk and never got high, but I guess this was that kind of night. His dad was a lawyer and his older sister was a type A party girl. Peter started asking me about classes. That’s the thing about Peter, about all of my friends, they’re smart. Like straight A school comes first smart. But they’re all a little reckless.

“I even don’t know.” he garbled “What’s wrong?” he asked as he heard me sigh.

“Nothing,” I said with a smile. “Don’t have anything else to drink and don’t look for me when you’re ready to go, I’ll probably already be gone.”

“Will do, Soph.”

That’s why I was here. It was my job at these parties. Make sure people don’t get too drunk or high, make sure they can pass as sober when they go home, regulate certain people’s number of drinks. I cared too much about my friends. I honestly didn’t really care about the getting drunk or high part, it was about the keeping them out of trouble part. I didn’t want my friend’s lives ruined by their parents finding out. I knew that they were just having fun, that school came first, etc., but that’s something their parents just couldn’t understand.

I remember the first time I came to a party freshman year, around this time. Everyone was really confused, I usually didn’t do things like this. Needless to say I spent the whole party feeling uncomfortable, but I still had friends there. When we were walking home I told them why I came.

“I worry about you guys. All of you. I came to make sure nothing bad happened.”

“Weed isn’t bad, Sophia, and we don’t need you to take care of us. And besides you hated it there.” said Milan. She was right about that last part, I would have much rather have been in my bed reading Harry Potter fanfiction, not the dirty kind, I’m not a pervert. (Ok, well maybe sometimes) I read good cannon compliant stuff. Like this new one I found… getting off track.

Milan had been one of my best friends since second grade. She was always the weird girl with me, alone in the corner playing pretend. As we got older, things changed. She stopped being as weird. I didn’t. We were still good friends, but she recently always seemed like she had something better to do that be with me.

“I don’t care that you smoke or drink. I care about your parents finding out. I care about you making some stupid decision that fucks up your life. I know I can’t make you stop, but I can help. I can stop you from getting too drunk or too high. I can walk home with you. If your parents see me they no nothing bad would have been going on.” Honestly, I must have had a major adrenaline rush from my first real party because I normally wouldn’t have been so expressive.

“Wow... Thanks” said Milan shocked. Speaking of Milan, she was walking towards Peter and I now.

She was high as the birds, which was actually pretty funny. I sometimes liked talking to high Milan, it reminded me of the days we were weird together. Back when we promised each other that we would never get high or drunk, back when I believed her. Then I remember she’s high. I don’t know what happened to her. Maybe it has something to do with Ed, she had a thing with him in eighth grade, and last year. I’ve hated him since the first day of middle school when he walked into our first period pre-algebra class.

Would I still be friends with all these people if I hadn’t known them since I was young? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I have friends who don’t get high and drunk all the time, like Austin and Louisa. Louisa is usually at these parties, but she doesn’t get high because of her asthma and doesn’t like to get drunk. And Bailey isn’t really friends with this crowd that much. She does get drunk sometimes on like, Christmas Eve (Man, do I have some funny texts from her), but her dad is the one giving her the alcohol, so I don’t worry too much.

I do worry about Henry. And Olive. I’ve known Henry all my life. He lives on my street. He’s like my brother. Henry isn’t really school focused, but rather sports. He’s really good at baseball, like MLB good. He drinks sometimes, and if it got out… That’s why I limit him to three drinks a night and make him come home early with me. He doesn’t complain because if he doesn’t follow my rules I’ll tell his mom without thinking twice. And I don’t let him get high either. Olive lives on my street too. She’s my best friend in the whole world. She’s technically the same age as me, but because of the date line she’s going into freshman year. I don’t really think of her as a younger sister, but I am very protective of her. All my other friends can go to the dogs, but I’m making sure she NEVER drinks or smokes before she’s 18. I don’t think she wants too, which is good. She knows the consequences. She isn’t at these parties yet, but she will be soon enough.

There are other people at school, like the nerds. I actually had more in common with them. But the thing is they are all so immature. They act like there in fourth grade. Wearing bowties and graphic tees to school every day. Blah, blah, blah, I get it! You’re unique! You’re all “bisexual”! The truth is I have constantly been falling in and out of friendship with them. They are actually a lot bitchier than the “popular” people. They are all so self-centered they are convinced that all the “popular” people ever did was talk about them (when in reality, they didn’t give a fuck about them, go figure!) they felt the need to retaliate and talk about the “popular” people all the time. Like this one girl, Leucine, and, god, Macy? I don’t even want to talk about that bitch.

So here I am. Stuck with the same old friends. No one new ever comes here, no one ever leaves. This place is a black hole.

I was eventually left alone in the gazebo. I walked out onto the lawn and looked up at the sky. There weren’t a lot of stars because of all the light pollution and it was surprisingly not overcast. It was overcast 8 months of the year here. Do people in like, California, realise how lucky they are? Sun all the time? Whatever, I decided it was time to leave. There was some Harry Potter fanfiction calling my name.

I walked back inside. I past Lydia, Sammy, and Meg. They were all so fucked up on who knows what. I wasn’t really friends with any of them anymore. I had been best friend with Lydia in elementary school. Her and her brother were SUCH potheads and their parents didn’t care, just like Ed’s. There were more than just sophomores there of course, but all the upperclassman had always ignored me.

I found Milan in the corner with someone I didn’t know and Henry playing a board game.

“Come on, time to go.”

There was only protest from the boy next to Milan. I’d ask her who he was later. We knew the way well because Ed’s house was next to our old middle school. We all lived close to each other so we walked home together. The same way we did on the first day of sixth grade.




That’s what could have happened. But I moved just before freshman year. Some nights I would give anything to be there, others I’m grateful I’m not. The truth is a lot of those people aren’t in my life anymore. Milan, Henry, Olive, and Bailey are, and I worry about them every day. I worry what about they’re doing and I wish I could be there to help them. I made new friends where I live now, there not popular, but not unpopular. We sit right in the middle. They don’t get high or drunk. They don’t constantly have fights or are in relationships. They’re a lot easier to be friends with. I wish I could be with my other friends sometimes though, they are so much more interesting and I am much more connected with them. But life’s not fair, and you take what you can get. I don’t walk home anymore.

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