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This was meant to be in a short-story of mine, but I left it as a one-shot. It's about unrequited love, sad and tragic. (I had written this about two years ago, or so.)

Submitted: May 03, 2010

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Submitted: May 03, 2010




"Hey, honey, what's up?" she said, smiling. She went over and hugged him tightly, and looked up into his handsome face, grinning.

"Fine, I guess," he answered.

"Cheer up, will ya!" She said light-heartedly.

"I thought I'd see you before I go," he said monotonously.

She didn't know to say. She thought that he wouldn't leave her after all, and that he loved her as much as she loved him. "So, you've finally made up your mind then, huh?" She slowly pulled away, looking everywhere except him.

He was very tall, up to six foot and had high, defined cheekbones and muscular physique. He had light blue eyes, which looked almost unnatural to the human eye and looked right through you. Jet black hair streaked with deep brown, with traces blond that always fell in front of his stunning eyes as the rest reached his shoulders in straight bangs. He was wearing a long black leather trench coat, some leather pants, black shirt that stretched across his broad chest and a pair of black boots. His preferential colour was black.

He looked down at her kindly, his sapphire eyes shining with sadness. "I don't know what you think of me and generally it wouldn't help me right now either," he said, softly. "But I will miss you, Riya."

She just stared at him with longing and unhappiness. She hastily grabbed him by his right arm not letting go. "But - in the park the other night," she whispered, slightly gasping in quickness, "You ... we - we kissed and you - you-"

"That was a mistake," replied firmly. "I shouldn't have done that. It was wrong very wrong of me." He gently removed her hold from his arm and took a step back as an affirmation.

"But it wasn't just you because I also kissed you back bacause-"

"You hadn't known!" he snapped. "Is it not your fault, it's mine, and I shouldn't have led you on!"

She kept quiet for a few seconds. "I didn't know what, Marcus?" she finally asked. She took a step forward but he walked away and stood to gaze out through the window, avoiding eye-contact.

"I'm sorry for I did," he apologized quietly.

"You're sorry?" She asked, dubiously, "About what, kissing me?"

He sighed. "Yes, about kissing you the other night," he answered, as he stared into the unwanted sunny bright light shining through the double-glazed window. "I - I wasn't supposed to - I mean..." He turned around swiftly and stared at the open door that she'd entered through. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily once more. "It just should never have happened!" When he opened his eyes he watched as she fought with her tears, trying to not cry and kept on wiping the spilled tears away miserably.

"Riya, I didn't mean to hurt you-"

She suddenly turned at him, half angrily and half sadly, "Yeah? Well, you did!" Then she burst into tears and covered her face with her trembling hand. "I - I thought that y - you loved me! You don't even care!"

"I do care, but-"

"No you don't Marcus!" She screamed back to him, crying in pain. "No-one ever does, do they?!"

He was quite taken aback by her sudden words. He reached out for her but she turned away from him. "Just don't!" She whispered.

"Riya," he whispered, as he sat her down on the sofa calmly and carefully. "I'm so sorry, but we can't be." He knelt sat down next to her but in a safe distance away, afraid that if he even by accident touched her he'd never able to let go. "I never knew it would've led to this."

But she wasn't listening. "How could you betray and leave me like this?!" She asked, gesturing with her palms pointing to the ceiling. "H - h - how could you after all that we've been together and to each other?"

"Look at me," he told her in his firm but gentle voice. "Look at me, Riya." She looked up to his as he explained, "I am not the one for you and neither … neither are you for me. We will never belong together; you know that, I know that, everyone knows that."

"What the hell do you expect me to do?" She asked, shaking her head.

Now it was his turn to be quite as he didn't want this, but he had to say it. "You're betterment is to forget me," he warned softly. Something tugged at his undead heart.

She shook her head, "No..." she whispered.

"It's better for me to forget you too and our times together. You will find someone better and who won't be selfish like me," he finished. When he got up to leave he felt her hugged him from behind. He frowned sadly.

"But I don't want to Marcus!" she cried, her voice muffled. "I just can't forget you!"

"Don't make it any difficult for me than it already is," he whispered, and unwillingly ripping away from her tight embrace. He turned around little by little to find her eyes, the women that he loved so greatly, staring at him in return; her eyes showed many mixed emotions and questions. "Goodbye." He said simply. He walked towards the open door and stopped just when he'd put his hand up on the door-frame and turned his head side-ways. "Live a long life and be safe, you have my blessings with you always," he said firmly, and once again back to his stern self again.

"Except your love," she announced sadly, linking her hands and wrists together into a twist, though it was hurting her immensely no physical pain compared the emotional pain she was suffering.

"Nothing's perfect," he replied and left the room, as his jacket billowed after him.

She ran past the doorway, and shouted, "I LOVE YOU!"

"Be strong!" he replied, ignoring the three tear-jerking words. "I know you are."

She couldn't take it any longer and burst into tears once more and slid to the cold and varnished, wooden floor, hugging herself as she rocked herself and cried liked shed never cried before.

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