A Grandfather's Tears

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A coming of age story.

Submitted: November 30, 2007

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Submitted: November 30, 2007



She would cuddle in his lap,
blond curls bobbing as she laughed.
hanging on his every word,
she was Grandpa's little girl.

Believing Grandpa's car could fly;
down the country road
they would drive.
She could'nt see above the dash

He'd ask if she was ready.
She'd whisper yes!
He'd shift the gears, step on the gas
and say, up, up away we fly.

To her they were in the clouds.
never was she so happy as
the times she flew in Grandpa's car.

As the years went by
the flights turned to baseball games,
late nights, pizza and pop.
Sitting on the couch beside him
things began to change.

No longer just a child
she began to grow.
These became the years of
boys and highschool football games.

The visits came less frequent
as she began to date.
The boys she dated, the friends she had
set the trap to make her stray.

Her pride was broken,
her virtue stolen.
Her heart was soiled,
she was confused.

She had forgotten how to laugh,
she could no longer smile.
She did'nt know where to turn
she felt lost, alone, ashamed.

He watched, with a broken heart.
He did'nt know how to help.
His little girl had changed so much
he did'nt even know her.

He fought to break through.
He was angry with her
angry at himself.
How did he miss it?
Where did time go?

He longed to hold that child.
He ached to hear her laugh.
How could he tell her?
Would she even hear?

Sitting in an old easy chair,
the Grandfather not knowing
says a lonely silent payer,
for a child so far gone
and his own heavy tears.

Far away a young girl cries
to a god she no longer knows.
Praying that he'll send an angel
and return her to the days
that she flew with Grandpa
in his small black car.

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