My Unveiling

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All about life.... Blessings and Woes.. And love for us all..

Submitted: December 30, 2013

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Submitted: December 30, 2013





I woke up today and realized something...

After every experience I have had, good or bad, the realization of all of this makes it seem like it may have all been for nothing. Now... why I say nothing all comes down to a simple shift. A simple change in the way you think, perceive and experience as we enter into this Divine Rift.

I know it all might seem like a bit much at first, but please, PLEASE, I implore you all to just look at everything as the signs of a new birth. Soon you'll see our message is clear, so once again I implore you to have no fear.

The time that shall follow will reveal us to our true selves. My question to you is would you be able to handle the changes that go as deep as within our own cells? Like I said before, all it takes is a simple shift in the mind to be able to grasp all these profound changes. All of this so that finally YOU, the immortal, can adapt to the new frequency ranges.

How I know and truly believe this.. Well to be honest I'm not entirely sure. But this much is true, I have been blessed with enough in these past months to want to know more.

So much so that the person I was before... Well.. He is no more.

Divine Intelligence and Cosmic Consciousness are the forces at work here. I say this because it's these two forces that have brought me to her. My Twin incarnate exists on this very plain, and ill say she is undoubtedly Divine, ego aside, without being vain.

Twin Flame you ask what might that be, Well if I'm being honest an idea of such beauty exists right here for you and for me. Cut from the very same soul fabric at the beginning of time, a soul cut in two shows exactly why I say she is truly Divine.

This next part is for you my oh so heavenly twin ray, Once more Ill thank you for showing me the importance of what it is to see the light of each day. You've shown me things I could only ever imagine, An in doing so added to my Awakening, so much so that I felt the pains of a spiritual contraction. Opened my heart in a way I never thought possible. You've made me feel what’s really real, everything in between and not what’s tangible.

Very soon my love I’ll be coming home to you. To finally reunite with the very soul who sealed this union, a spiritual bond, the coming together of us two. I wish there were more ways I could show you I love you,  so only for now my words are my way of showing just how much I want you. Your heart to me is, in my eyes very sacred, protected by my own so nobody breaks it. For its your heart alongside my own, an expression of unconditional love, a Divinely Cosmic extension that though us only wants to be known..

I'm here for you always right till the very end of our journey. A promise I made at our very beginning,  that sparked the fume to this flame that burns for you eternally. For soon you'll see that I mean what I say, as we enter the new year with each other, Egos aside and nothing at bay.

I’ll end this message right here with a final set of wording... All I'm trying to say is that all you have to do is really look within to realize that you to are divinely worthy. We all come from one infinite source,  All that is and All that already was. I can only say so much as it’s not my place to force things upon you But I just hope I can give you something to think about that will help you see that no-one is a part of a single minority..

We are one.


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