sixty seconds

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an accident that will tear any person with a heart apart........ in other words a tragedy

Submitted: January 01, 2007

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Submitted: January 01, 2007



Sixty seconds by: Whitney WallaceGive me a second and I’ll fix what isn’t broken

.Give me a minute and I’ll say the words unspoken.

Give me an hour and I’ll fix the mistake

But give me a flashback and you’ll see my heart break.

Show me a child that had to close its eyes

Give me a truth and ill give you some lies

Tear my heart to pieces then expect me to confide.

Judge me by the scars I hide behind.

Take a child away from a loving mother.

Take a sister away from the others.

They seem to trust you but I can’t see how.

Most of me hates you right here right now.

But at least you made it almost believable.

Every plan is inconceivable.

Take me back to that collision.

Where love and hate had to make a decision.

You took it from me in an uncontrollable fight.

Now it can’t ever experience mornings light.

I made a promise to that child that I just couldn’t keep.

What I’ve sewn together I must now reap.

Give me two years and it will still be there.

Give me a second to tell the child I care.

Sixty seconds let me go.

Getting higher and sinking low.

I had the power to stop it I had control.

Now an innocent life must pay the toll.

One step backward and six feet down.

Close your eyes and can’t mute the sound.

For I am alone I am broken.

But the sound dies away with the words unspoken.

© Copyright 2018 Whit Wall. All rights reserved.

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