Country thuggin

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Submitted: March 25, 2016

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Submitted: March 25, 2016



You can catch me weed scented post up at the Shoe. Barbecue with the crew just doing what we do. Buzzed off that brew, yeah it's Me and my goons. Just a horseshoe dude making country rap tunes. A Hick hop attitude, true and to the point, Find me on a dirt road not far from Seven Points, sipping keystone light and smoking on a joint. In some throwback voits a flatbream and camo shorts. Drugs of different sorts, we can get what ya need. Codeine, speed, moonshine to weed. But aint nothing free its gonna cost you a fee. But Between you and me,thats really not my hustle. Since the day I was born lifes been one long struggle. For this poor country thug Texas made named Russell. In and out fucking trouble with more mouth than muscle. Always in a tustle one way or another. Raised by a single mother with no sister or brother. To a bunch of cold hearted lovers with no trust for one another. Living in tha gutter trailor hood to tha core. White trash and always poor,from scrapyard to beer store. Backwoods banging on an old dirt road,

Straight Redneck reppin, backwoods bangin, Horseshoe hanging just keeping it country. Straight Redneck reppin, backwoods bangin, Horseshoe hanging just keeping it country

Backwoods banging in tha 9-0-3, hillbilly ballin til i d-i-e. My roots run so deep, Country thuggin in my sleep, Brahma boots on my feet, mixed drink on ice, Loving that im living this horseshoe life, Weed rolled tight got this honky feelin right, Buzzed off this drank higher than a kite, Twisting on ah pipe lets me party all night, With a texas girl who's daisy dukes fit skin tight, That loves to take this pipe, Damn right whiteboy we call it grown folkin, From pokin too dirt roadin, Drinking and smoking, Praying and hoping that this life keeps going, Horseshoe strollin where the red hair grow, Keep it one hundred when it comes to my bro's, Always Keep a third eye on all of our foes, Talking bout a scope just in case you didn't know,

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