Buzz the Unknown

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I got this idea months ago!!!! But my little brother found this turtle and named him Dragon. Then lost him found another that looked sooooo close to the other but he called him Buzz so this is a story I made up of Buzz. Who was wild before my brother found him. One day the turtle was let go around the house and the windows where open. I watched him for a good 15 minutes and the entire time he lifted his head up the window like he was remembering what it was like to be wild.

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011



The name’s Buzz Lightyear. No my name wasn’t always Buzz but about a year ago this kid caught me. His name Michael, he caught me. He put me in this box its clear and the wood he puts in here smells funny. The light/sun is way too hot and I wish I was where I was before wild. As wild as any turtle can get I suppose. Yeah that kid calls me Buzz the Turtle because that’s what I am.

Every once in the while I am let go to run around the house. It’s nothing like outside in the wild. The cat chases me and the dogs torment me although those pestering humans think it’s all adorable. They’re sadly mistaken. It’s terrible!

This story is of the time I go away the one time my slow moving legs got me far away only to bring me back again. Then he called me Dragon, don’t ask me why I don’t even look like a dragon. I’m a box turtle plain and simple.

Well anyway I remember this day vividly it’s my only memory of the wild. I walked far into the areas no one could see me. The boy forgot about me, got to love five year old attention span. The day was bright and the wind sailed through the trees like it’s supposed to in the summer. I just simply kept walking slowly because I’m a turtle and we are not the fastest in the world. I only got so far when the dog, YES the dog came and herded me back to the lowly estate where I had once game from.

The crying tears stopped falling from young Michaels face and a smile appeared on his face, “BUZZ!” He cried. I suppose living here with him isn’t too bad, as long as he feeds me! I thought to myself.  He picked me up and quickly took me to the cold empty box where the wood smells funny and the light is too hot.

I’m Buzz the Turtle and this is the story of this time I almost got away.

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