Tales of the Last

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Story of a dragon fighting for her life.

Table of Contents

Tales of the Last

Story of a dragon fighting for her life. Read Chapter

I flew far, even across an ocean. They're behind me. I know they are. I am the last, what could I expect? They can't find me. They don't ... Read Chapter

I hear the storm raging and I know that in this deep dark water I am safe. Though the feeling of danger is still there. I'm moving down s... Read Chapter

I woke with a start. I heard many voices though not any near me. My hands are tied in front of me and my legs are tied as well. Ropes, th... Read Chapter

They looked at me in shock. What had they not figured out that there are more people in the other waters? The old one was trying to fig... Read Chapter

After this winter ended I could fly but I was too weak to. I spent three months in a cave with no food for miles. As Rose I stumbled down... Read Chapter

I woke up with my scales vibrating. I couldn’t really see anything the room was dimly lit. But I could tell the stupid male dragon was ... Read Chapter

As they arrived I kept in my cave. I didn’t greet them like the other dragons. I didn’t even want to be here when they arrived. ... Read Chapter

Aiden did what he said he would do and hunt. I could tell that I was going to end up doing most of the hunting because he wasn’t good a... Read Chapter

As the sun peaked into life I woke and Aiden was still asleep. It still amuses me that I wake before a gr... Read Chapter

We woke up just as the sun began to show in the early morning. Aiden went for a quick hunt, which we ate quickly. He stared me down in te... Read Chapter