Kiss Of An Angel

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It's up to you if you think if the man dreamed of an angel or the angel really brought him to the heaven.

Submitted: June 20, 2010

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Submitted: June 20, 2010



It was plainly dark outside when I saw a bright light just beside the fountain. I was afraid to come closer, but I want to see that shines around the garden. It was clear to see the image of a beautiful woman with wings at her back.

She looked at me with a lonely face and tears fell on the dying flower that bloomed. She looked so weak that she can't get up. I want to touch her very white skin and her long black hair that almost touches the grass.

I gave my hand so she will reach me. When she touched me I felt her warm hands. She stood up slowly with a sweet smile in her bloody lips. I wiped her tears and she embraced me so tight that she doesn't want to let me go. I closed my eyes and hold her.

Suddenly, I can feel the air around me and the cool wind that makes me shiver. I opened my eyes and I was not on the plainly dark place anymore. I can see blooming fresh flowers and cherry trees. I can see children running around the place with their bow and arrows behind them. All of them are in white dress so happy to see me. A light came from above and said: "Welcome." The strange lady who brought me to the beautiful place was smiling at me and kissed me with full tenderness.

Again, I opened my eyes and the ray of the sun touches my window. I was all alone, lying on the bed of loneliness. The strange lady was gone, but a feather from her back was on my pillow.

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