I, The House

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I wrote this years ago in an english class for an assignment where we looked at a picture and had to write a short story or poem about it.....this is what I ended up with.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



Every nite a peice of me dies

where noone at all inside me lies

my master left me so long ago

on me now moss and spiderwebs grow

year by year

day by day

I hope my master

my owner will come to my save

Whats this I see up ahead

a car?

Yes, one of red

The car all night i dreamt about

The car my owner can't live without

My dreams com true

My reward finally due

In my driveway is where he turns

The touch of life is waht i yearn

At the mailbox is where he stops

Thats when all my hopes dropped

I saw the big white sign

in bold, red letters it read


For sale it said

The heart I wish that I had

ached and ached, it felt so bad

I wish I had a mouth to speak

speak up for him, speak up for me

now my days, sad and lonely

make me wish I had someone to love me

tell me secrets that I must keep

for my walls won't say a peep

now my life has come to end

light of day i wont see again

my floors with dust will be covered

the light that shone shall now be smothered

darkness lies foreer on me

never again, my owner, i will see

 my floors shall rot

the air musky and hot

snakes and bugs inside me live

gophers and moles outside me dig

my windows and doors are boarded up

my cabinets and drawers bare and shut

but wait a minute whats that I hear

voices coming, coming near

wait a minute whats that I see

someone new is buying me

everything is so bright

and now going right

noone's ever out of sight

theres washing and dusting going on

hoping and wishing growing strong

the noises and secrets I missed so long ago

are being heard, being told

there are kids here growing up in me

one of seven one of five and one of three

the parets of them are oh so dear

always soft spoken, sometimes hard to hear

they're nothing like tohe ones before

always out visiting this big, huge world

now that my long lonely saddness is put to end

I can be happy and clean once again

no more dark and lonely nights

no more hearing the wind and trees fight

how peaceful and quiet my days shall be

sincerly the house

sincerly me.


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