The command by John Potter

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The short story is now finished hope whoever reads it enjoys, Please remember this is my 1st ever story ive written.

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



The cans in the street were rattling and the wind

howled like a the wolf at night, people where running for cover as the rain

battered off the pavements. JJ was standing in the doorway with his best friend

badger, Badger didnt say much he listened a lot though and he listened well.

JJ was in his very early teens he was around 5,6 tall with short brown hair scruffy looking
he was wearing jeans with holes in the knees with a white jumper hoody and nike trainers,

Badger being badger wore what he always wore that kept him warm, Badger wasnt very
tall he was big built for his height, Badger could look after himself and he was always there
for JJ if and when JJ needed him.
JJ took one last puff of his near burnt out cig and dropped it to the floor then stood on it, badger looked at him as he did so then walked away jj followed.

The rain was now turning to drops the wind was turning to a breeze as JJ and badger headed home, Home was only a 20 minute walk away. Badger didnt say much he just listened as jj spoke to him about the problems he was having at the home and school.

JJ opened the door badger went straight upstairs and lay down he had a long day did lots of walking with his friend. JJ went into the the kitchen and was greeted with a WHERE you been jj ive missed you his little sister cat ran at him open arms and then jumped on him, jj caught her and gave her a big cuddle and a kiss ive missed you too cat jj said.

Cat was young she was only 12 years old petite pretty looking and she loved her brother so very much and even more so now since jj is not at home very often these days. cat was also having probems at home but at the moment it was ok their dad was out and jj was pleased about that.

Where is badger cat asked? jj wasnt paying attention so she asked again where is badger? upstairs having a nap he is tired both of us walked for miles today, im a bit tired myself he said, He looked at the clock 11pm, dad will be home soon cat you better go to bed you know what he is like when he gets in and had a drink. Cat gave JJ a kiss said love you and went upstairs she looked in on Badger or was snoring so she left him alone.

JJ took a cold class of milk turned on the radio as he headed out the back door for one last cig before his dad got home, The radio dj was giving a weather update for the following day and again it wasnt good more rain and thunder.

JJ and cats dad was a very mean man in every way possible yeah he was a policeman and like policeman do they believe in punishment and if jj or cat did anything wrong he would surely punish them and punish them severely.

Time was going fast and CJ wasnt aware of this until he looked at his watch 1145pm i better get home make sure the kids are in bed and all set for school in morning, He finished of his drink picked up his keys and his phone. The phone was flashing for a missed call so he dialled 1 for voicemail. This message is for mr cj baird the voice said just to let ou know JJ wasnt at school today and i was hopeing you could let me know why? Cj pressed end of call and put the phone in his pocket.

JJ was now asleep on the sofa the radio was playing tonight is the night and Badger was having something to eat after his nap then went over and sat beside his friend.

Cj pulled up in the driveway turned the car lights of then walked up to the door tried the handle locked he mumbled to himself then got his key out. JJ was still asleep, badger was however watching, listening, waiting.

Cj at 1st put the wrong key in since it was dark standing at the door with no lights it was pure guess work finding the right key. JJ was startled by the noice his dad made as was badger so much so badger got up the sat down again.

Cj turned on the lights put down his keys jacket and headed for the fridge for a cold beer or 2,
how was school today son ? JJ didnt say much at 1st just looked at him as did badger, cj opened the can took a big slug and asked the same question, how was school today son?
it was ok dad we didnt do much just this and that rubbish really. Cj kept at him hoping jj would own up badger looked at cj then looked at jj it was like watching tennis back and forward back and forward. Cj was getting closer at every question he was asking and jj and badger could sense this jj moved forward in the sofa but before he could stand up to protect himself he was giving a almighty slap across the face, Badger moved out the way for the moment anyway you are a liar cj screamed at him a liar i say. the school called me and said you where not at school today why would you sit there and just lie? Cj was getting more angrier with every word and JJ wasnt sure what he would do next.

Cat heard all the shouting and came down the stairs just in time to see her dad pulling and slapping her brother, Dad she shouted STOP cj turned but the rage in his face his eyes where enough to scare anyone. Cat ran over to try and help JJ her dad threw her off cat tried again but she was to little jj was laying on the floor hands covering his face and all he could hear was cat screaming. Dad please stop dad please stop your hurting him, Cat again tried one last time to get her dad to stop and this time she asked badger to help.
Badger was big built and he was built to kill on demand if taught and jj and cat where the only 2 who new the command. Badger cat screamed at the top of her voice, badger looked at her eyes wide open, Badger kill badger kill badger kill. His ears cocked back his to front legs bent forward and he pounced on CJ. ` lips pulled back razor sharp teeth showing, badger sunk his teeth into cjs arm then his neck, cj screamed with pain blood was gushing out from the again gave the comand badger kill badger kill badger kill. jj was on all 4s crawling away sliping in the blood at the same time badger was shakeing cj by the arm like a little rag doll. jj was now standing nxt to his sister watching as the father screamed PLEASE HELP ME, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!!!! with one last bite Badger sunk his teeth into cjs throat and held him like a lion would hold his prey until it was dead. Badger jj commaned, badger let go of cj and walked around and sat at his side licking his lips.

JJ walked over cat followed to where there dead father was, jj bent over the body giving it a push making sure he was dead, before he got up he took his dads gun from the holster and slid in down the front of his trousers.

The night was quiet the house was quiet jj and cat didnt speak they did what they had to do and that was get rid of cjs body and tidy the blood up and give badger a bath .

Both jj and cat went about what they had to do not speaking not looking at each other just
doing what they had to do and that was get rid of evidance and fast. Badger was lying on the
floor not a clue in the world what he had just done after all he was only following the command the command giving by one of his masters.

JJ and cats mum was just about to call the house until her mobile went off she slowly and
carefully put the handset back in its cradle and answered her mobile, Hello mike hows things?
fine mike replied with a soft tone, i just left cj in the rocky bar drinking his last drink before he
was heading home, He didnt look to happy before i left though gail he had a phonecall well phone message and i think its to do with that. There was a pause then the silence broken when mike said gail you there gail? sorry mike she replied i was just thinking jj or cat skipping school again and if they have all hell will break out when cj gets home. Thanks for letting me know mike.

Gail picked up the handset from its cradle again put the handset to her ear listened for the tone then dialled. At first the phone was engaged so she left it a few minutes then pressed the redial button which made a little tune in her ear as she did so.

JJ and cat didnt hear the phone, both where busy with badger getting him cleaned up and bathing a huge bull mastiff was no easy task getting him in a bath was hard enough nothing mind washing him. So jj and his little sister took the dog out the backyard tied him to a pole and hosed him from head to toe as they where doing this badger was catching the water in his mouth he thought it was a game. in a way it was a game a deadly game.

Gail who was still waiting on an answer was tapping her finger on the handset clicky a click clicky a click the tapping sound made she was getting impatient in the end she hung the phone back in its cradle then went to the bathroom. Hello jj said just as gail hung up he himself put the handset back and went out to the backyard again, badger was soaking so was cat with badger shaking himself dry . jj lit a ciggerete sat down with cat and badger sat between them head on his front paws he dozed.

The night was still young and a lot had happend well it felt a lot had happened in a short space of time, the rain was now hail stones the wind was now thunder and lightning lit the dark skies as jj took the keys from his dead father. Cat he said could you grab anything big enough to hide him i mean like a blanket or 2? cat looked at her brother nodded then headed upstairs then came down a few minutes later holding a big old sleeping bag the family used for camping, jj took it off her and asked cat to grab one end and open it up in the open space next to the front door which she did. jj took his dad under the arms and pulled him over to the cover, He lay the body in the sleeping bag zipped it up and said right cat what next? Before she could answer a car pulled into the driveway lights blinding them since all lights in house where out.

JJ and cat froze on the spot as the car pulled in and turned of its engine then they heard the car door open then close then they heard footsteps coming up the pathway, JJ looked at badger, then looked at cat what are we going to do JJ what are we going to do she repeated. JJ took the gun from the front of his trousers took safety of then stood behind the door ready willing to shoot, the lock turned but didnt open jj his eyes where wide he had sweat on his brow which he wiped away, the lock turned it and this time it did open, jj raised the gun took aim.

Badger waited on the Command the command never came jj put his hand on the door handle slowly holding the gun it other hand he then pulled the door hard towads him the person behind the door fell forward onto the corpse. Cat jumped out the way just in time and as she did so she threw the light on. squeaky was getting up dustin himself down. Jj quickly hid the gun down his trousers again then closed the door. Squeaky what you doing here at this time of night jj asked? Ive been out all night looking for bubbles you remember bubbles dont you jj dont you cat? Yeah they both said bubbles is your down syndrome friend the friend who saved you from herion.

stu now known as squeaky since he has been of herion for 7 years, jj nicked named him squeaky clean and it stuck. bubbles is barbara now known as bubbles cause she bubbles up at the most easiest things and they both met when squeaky was standing on a high bridge ready to jump until he seen barbara who was standing there bubbling up, saying please dont please dont jump they have been best friends ever since and now squeaky cant find her.

Jj will you help me look for her and you cat and with badger his sense of smell would be a great help, squeaky took an item that babara had used not that long ago and put it to badgers nose he took a good sniff of it and jj gave the command badger find.
Badger got to his feet and ran out the door JJ cat and squeaky followed

Before they all headed to find babara jj explained what happened to cj he told him his dad was beating the hell out of him he told him cat tried to him but cj was to big for her even tho she tried a few times to get him to stop, in the end he told squeaky cat had to give badger the command. Squeaky looked at his friend and said is that what i fell onto when you pulled door open? JJ nodded.

The time was getting on a bit the morning sun was coming up birds in the trees where singing their little hearts out the wind had died down to a cool brezze. Gail opened the blinds while mike opened his eyes then closed them again, gail and mike had been seeing each other for nearly a year now they got together after Cj nearly beat gail to death she was in hospital for 3 months, It was mike who saved her mike is the one who walked in when cj had her on the floor just getting ready to give her a seeing to when mike jumped on him knocking him out by chance, He looked at gail her eyes where closed brusied bleeding, blood was also coming from side of her mouth. he phoned the ambulance who where there in minutes. Mike also a policeman placed cj under arrest when he came to and the thing is gail didnt press charges instead she left him and fell for mike. JJ and cat had no idea mike and their mum where an item a very close item.

Mike you awake gail asked, mike moaned and said yes i better head over to cj and pick up cat she will or they will be wondering where i am, I should have been there last night and would have been if you hadnt called me to say cj had been drinking and we hadnt met up for a quick one as much fun as it was, gail laughed as she said that. jj and cat where only staying with their dad for that day wasnt meant to be for the whole night, Gail who had a nice career she was cheif reporter for the openstar newspaper and the meeting she was at went on longer than she hoped it would, but she knew cat was with jj and she would be ok. she didnt know though tha jj was out most of the night with badger and cat was left alone in the house. Mike got out of bed just as cat was doing her hair he kissed her on the forehead then went for a shower. Gail picked up the phone dialled cj got no answer she then headed to the bathroom said to mike im of to pick up cat and jj and badger. with that she shut the door then headed to see cj where babara would later call the bad house.

Badger was moving fast and the following pack of jj cat and squeaky where finding it hard to keep up, JJ his mind kept floating back to the following night and he kept shaking it of, cat also was doing the same but it was harder for her since the COMMAND came from her so she feels she killed her dad not badger not jj just her.
Badger was starting to slow down panting tougue hanging to one side as was the rest of them sweating finding it hard to talk jj gets his words out what is it boy find, badger cocks his left ear back and sniffs around a big bush sniffing hard taking a pause now and again to clear his nostrils. then he stops dead in his tracks cocks his leg and pees.
nothing squeaky says bloody nothing, where are you babara where the hell are you?

Bubbles was sitting over the body in the bad house crying. when gail walked in she stood there looking at bubbles then looking at the sleeping bag, What happend she says, bubbles looks at her tears in her eyes the dog she said the big dog in this bad house killed him i seen bubbles said i seen then i hide i hide away all night i afraid of dog and of bad house. Gail bends down unzips the bag pulls zip back then sees cj lying there blood all over him. She stands up oh my god cat jj where are you she goes around the house looking everywhere but find no one, who are you she asks bubbles but bubbles says nothing she just crys Gail phones mike and mike answers on 2 rings, mike i need you here asap cj is dead and i cant find jj or cat.

JJ and co head back to the bad house police cars are everywhere gail is talking to mike bubbles is sitting still crying. gail didnt see them at 1st she was in shock of what she saw she only looked up when badger licked her hand, cat was crying now jj could here his mum calling him but it was distant jj wake up jj wake up, jj opened his eyes his mum his dad cj and badger where all standing in front of him alive and well .

bubbles and squeak smiled and said im so glad your alive jj .



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