Depth Of The Dark

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When People Say Don't Be Scared Of The Dark, Should You Listen To Them?

Submitted: August 13, 2011

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Submitted: August 13, 2011



I slid down on the couch next to my three best friends, Madi, Kaitie and CeCe. This week was our 'horror week' basically we just watch scary movies at midnight every night. It's pretty creepy. But that's what makes it fun! Madi screamed at a girl being stabbed until death. I laughed and shoved some popcorn in my mouth. The movie ended with a cliff hanger- we didn't know who the killer was, but I don't think CeCe wanted to know. She was closing her eyes and holding a pillow to her ears.

Lightning hit the house as we all screamed. The was a flash then all the lights turned out.

"Who turned out the lights?" Kaitie asked. There was worry in her voice. Snickering came from across the room.

"Oh My F*cking God!!" CeCe screamed. 'It's like the movie....' I thought.

"Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. The others might though." A voice smirked. A raven haired boy with a knife and a dagger in his pocket stepped out of the shadows.

"I'm just going to take one of you tonight. Just to play." He smirked. CeCe was pulled by a force none of us have ever known. She screamed in complete terror. My mouth hung open.

"WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO HER?!?!" Kaitie screamed at the boy. He was becoming visible.

"You were her best friend..." I mumbled.

"What." He spat out.

"YOU WERE HER BEST FRIEND LOGAN!!!" I screamed and slapped him in the face. He growled and there was a pain in my stomach. I screamed in pain. It felt like something was eating me out alive. I fell to the floor in agony. Why?

"I'm here to warn you bitch! I'm here to warn you about them. There coming, they'll use you." His eyes turned a dark red. CeCe's eyes were wide open. She was under a spell. I hated seeing her like this. She's my best friend-Logan was her best friend. Until he....died.... "You're dead." Madi spoke softly. Poor Madi. I had know her since diapers. I had told her everything, she told me about horror. I LOVED horror. Until I realized that it was real.

"Idiots, I won't hurt your friend, to be honest she's just my reward, 'they' were someone you loved. Ashley you should know this sweetheart...or maybe you don't because Kendall never loved you. He didn't even like you. He just felt pity. Well now he has Rose who he ACTUALLY likes. Who he doesn't fake around with." Tears spilled down my face at the sheer memory "Kaitie, Do you remember James, if I do believe he was your crush. A big crush...he happened to be a student teacher. Smart for his age I know. When he touched your hand you ended up kissing. Him saying there was no sparks. You saying there was plenty. Lies." He turned to Madi. Tears were already spilling down her face. "And little Madi, so small. And your abusive boyfriend Carlos. He hit one day so hard that it knocked you to the floor. You begged him to stop. 'No Please Los Don't' You're lucky Ashley was there. Or maybe your not because you love him. And he just though of you as a sex toy. His own hoar." I got up from the floor hitting Logan again. Another pain went through my head. I screamed and screamed. And I wouldn't stop. Screams and Screams ran through the house. "Madi you're first 1:30. Have fun seeing Carlos again. And like that CeCe and Logan disappeared.


Sorry It's really short :P That's how I write my stories so suck it!!

Did you like it? Should I make more?

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