You.... Horror

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Well it's kinda like roleplaying :D

Submitted: August 15, 2011

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Submitted: August 15, 2011



You lock the door and grab the spare gun that you have in the basement. Shocked and scared you try to remember what had happened.

It was a normal day. You sit up and find that Logan, Your boyfriend wasn't laying in bed with you. You shrug it off and walk to the kitchen. You scream because it looks like there blood on the floor. It was just a spilled Ketchup bottle. Your muscles relax as you pick up the bottle. There moaning from behind you. You turn around to see Logan standing there. He has blood on his green face. His eyes are crossed but it seems like he's only looking at you. You scream and throw the ketchup bottle at him. He dazes for a moment and you scream like a banshee. You run as fast as you can pushing and throwing things at Logan. You scream as you run into the basement. 

You sigh. What happened? I mean it was just a normal day. You turn around to see Logan and your child, Ellie evilly grinning. You scream as you notice Ellie is a zombie to. "It won't be that bad." Logan says in a possessed voice. "We'll just eat you alive." He smirked. You scream again as Ellie lunges at you. You quickly unlock the door. Again running for your life. You don't stop running until you reach the door which is locked. You turn the door nob a couple of times to make sure. Ellie hackles and runs toward you. You manage to unlock the door and run outside only to find the whole town stomping toward your house. Logan laughs as he put his hand on your shoulder. You scream. Only to realize that your a zombie too. 


You wake up screaming from the nightmare you just had. You roll over in Logan's arms as he wakes up. "What's wrong baby?"  You are too shocked for words but Logan understands. He smirks before bitting you shoulder. You scream louder than before. Tears are streaming down your face. "Why?" Why was the only thing you said before getting eating alive by your boyfriend.

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