The Life Machine

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Submitted: April 20, 2014

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Submitted: April 20, 2014



The Life Machine

Untold loves and unheard truths

walk together as living proof

of the crosses we must bear

and the hope we must share


We cry out to the night

and pray to see the morning light

as evidence of our faith

that we're on the right path


Every day we sit and wonder

at the power of the thunder

the echo in our ears

as rain falls like God's tears


We witness all the daily miracles

that science says are empirical

and time is a drunken man

falling on our best-laid plans



Unsaid silence and undone deeds

plague us like kudzu weeds

as we kill the zombie roaches

that endlessly encroach


We find comfort in our pets

as we seek shelter from the pests

that riddle our daily lives

like so many emotional knives


Every day we shoot time

using silencers to kill mimes

overacting but overreaching

like cursing while preaching


Unmet needs and unsown seeds

dream of the day they are freed

from the slavery of death

as it takes that last breath




Longing no longer to be lonely

to find our one and only

we wish to be impervious

but perfection makes us nervous


Every day the earth turns

as the wax of time burns

we learn things we already knew

holding our breath, faces blue


Unsigned signals and unsent signs

misread our grander designs

we miss mysteries

as the future becomes history


Every day turns into a grind

that seems too cruel to be kind

wordless poems dance in line

praying for the joy of rhyme




Unkempt premises and unkept promises

lag behind like doubting Thomases

out, out is the inward eye

we are bored by ennui


Down to the last teardrop

the dream rises to the top

every day has its own theme

there’s no rewind on the life machine.





© Copyright 2018 Timothy Lee Taylor. All rights reserved.

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