A Dream Of Being

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Submitted: May 25, 2008

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Submitted: May 25, 2008



I crossed the stream and over the bridge
As I looked down into the water, caught my reflection
Shimmering in the wind driven ripples
I plummeted into meditation
The day stood stationary, birdsong ceased
Sun retracted into a sheltered hiding place behind the trees
I dived into the waters body, cold and pure of spirit
Leaving the day to its motionless direction
I drowned my soul in the lapping sound of gushing emotion
Surrendering self to all that had been and gone, immediately frozen
The water turned to ice and I was trapped there, icicles formed in my mind
Stagnant energy developed into a violent frenzy of recovery of time
Then a stirring occurred, awoken by a rising of musical beats and rhythms
Circled by the dawning of a reoccurrence of time and wheels turning clockwise
I felt like I had regained something along the way, a distant memory of what used to be
Ice melted, dripping spikes rained inside my brain, I floated back to surface, opened eyes
Sleeping on my back, looking up towards the sky, a daydream maybe, of some kind
Sun shone back to me, filling atmospheres with essence of being, of warmth and truth
I waited for what seemed like an eternity, drifting in and out of realms of consciousness
Clouds of blues that nobody sees, and white air shifting and mobilising, questions anew

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