A Rose Is Just A Rose

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Submitted: May 11, 2008

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Submitted: May 11, 2008



"love is not a rose, it is a weed;
unwanted, uncared for,
and under-rated"

I hear you whisper upon thou lips
but my love, you are assuming two things
that a rose be the beauty,
though it sits on the devils bush
surrounded by the thorns of death
no, my dear, the thorns have cut it

the yellow rose did bleed it's head
that be why some turneth red
the rose it is a symbol of death
the black rose killed to hide it's head
and fool you miss, to think it not dead
the love that you so cherish

the second that I hear you ask
it is the weeds, they are here to last
they are the true bloomer in the field of love
they stand the test of time
no matter how we pull their roots
they grow back time and time

so don't say that the rose is value
above the weeds we walk upon
the rose may hold it's head above
and carry like a statue
but 'tis not worthy of this thing called love
people shun, but my love, they be your virtue

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