Cryptic kisses

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Submitted: May 11, 2008

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Submitted: May 11, 2008



Feel the shivers
Of a thousand Icy kisses;
Hidden knowledge
You impart upon my lips.

Blue love
For whenever we make up,
It’s our hands that do the making
Whilst my frozen heart it is a breaking.

Like an icicle as it stabs and injects,
Your love is my injection.
But it leaves me numb and frozen
From your repetitive rejection.

Squirt your warmth…
Through the hypodermic syringe,
For now that I am poisoned
There is no other way in.

I burn whenever you touch me
Don’t let me melt away;
Keep me in this igloo chamber
That I myself have made.

So kiss these purple lips ~
And I will kiss your scarlet brow,
Comfy in the coldness
I can never live without.

I built these hypothermic walls
For people just like you,
So I may never feel the scolding
Of lips that tell untrue.

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