Death Heals All...A Tragic Tale Of Tyranny

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Submitted: March 05, 2008

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Submitted: March 05, 2008



She walked confused, head hung low, upon the hill
Draped in scarlet lace, wrapped around a pure white flesh
The beauty of her years unknown
Twilight grew, like secrets rolled in snow
The ancient trees twisted and whispered, and sprinkled their leaves
As the haunted winds did there blow
And the thunder pounded relentlessly, above her fragile head
The rain screamed down upon her, from a pregnant sky
Carelessly taking and breaking, all she ever dreamed she had
And the heavens burst open, but only hell was let lose
The Darkness was out to savage her, held in lightning’s womb
It lashed the crashing vengeance, sparked randomly about her shoes
Beginning to run now, trying to escape the fatal legends of long ago
She ran and fell, into the wrinkled arms, of old and beaten bones
Of the damned fate this lonely heart was soon to know
A watcher looked, spied in dusky air
The maiden’s wrists get dragged, across the heathen land
Followed by her falling hair
In the distance, the chariot and horses he there saw
Speeding off, galloping into the silent horizon
Pain he heard from the loveless mouth of the woman he adored
Chasing after the sunrise, like a knight in shining armor
To reach a morbid destination, ahead of times crooked hands
To meet them on the morrow, Death’s final departing hour
The woman dropped out from the chariot, at the castle’s lush green banks
The dark haired man began, to drag her lifeless body, across the waters below
A shiny sword, cast to greeta Devil, by a handsome young man, a tragic hero
But it was too late; his lover’s breath had long been taken
So turning the icy weapon upon himself
Another heart lay cured beside her, bloody, perished, but no longer broken
Death heals all who bow to fall, beneath it’s wicked wings
Death heals all whocease to sing, to take the life and turn blood cold
Death heals all; Death heals all, this is the tragic tale of tyranny, here told

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