If I Had Any Morals

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taken from my book, "Am I Dying?"

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012



If I Had Any Morals


If death

Is wrong

Than I don't think I'm gonna die

Next month

Chopping me into pieces

And marking territory on my guts

Is not

What's going to happen

To me

But if I'm wrong

I guess

I have to stop

All that I can before hand

I'll mash potatoes well

I'll leave the world to dwell

As long as I don't steel a primer can

Open my mind

__with every pill I can

I'm going to Hell

__as if you'd notice

But will I stay there?

Will I stay there?

Chop off my head

__if you must




Chop off my head

__if you're gonna

____kill meh

Bounce up and down

Put shoe prints in me

Knowing just how

I will die, just hurts

No matter how I give in

I'll never return

Burry my soul

Cracked into pieces

I guess if I'm gonna die

What of it then?



Will I learn

How many hammocks I break

On my road to gettin' laid

I guess I missed out back then




You'll never guess

How she stuck in my head

Even though


Let me



And, who

Did she think I was?

Well, goodbye


I was wrong

So what will happen

To the sands

Of time on Earth

That I wasted

With only 6 books

Ont thee internet?

When my world


I will not be dead

I just wonder my mouth



Couldn't give a damn

Who's ever for you

'Cause you left me for

Some other "in thee end"

Couldn't blame you

You couldn't wait for me

To want you that way


This is not news

Unless you never knew

You will always be my one

I'll hurry up to forget you

If I gotta be with Becky

As if that's possible

"In thee end"

I'll know

Who's better for me

But I wanna know now

But, how

Do I find out?

I guess this is a stupid fear

And I'll be ditching

My high school sweetheart

Over my vows to some one else

But that's O.K.

I guess

I know I'm not in love

It's only "us" I miss

And that's the fact about this

I will drop and burn

If I last longer

Than the 23rd.

But I won't even try

To survive


07-30-'08 #1

D. L. Cannon

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