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releasing negative energies and hailing the new life

Submitted: May 23, 2008

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Submitted: May 23, 2008



Didn’t you say, it’d always be this way
Now how can I believe this mess you try to compensate
With words of cover up and agent files
You’re heading for the highway of denial
Silent eyes that speak like glittery mouths
Full of a desperation I know you cannot live without
And my vision has been replaced inside, and your iris
Determines how your pupils will die late, for her, with flowers
I cannot stop nor need or want, to change this anymore
I have gone the farthest mile in search of food from you
To be thrown out with your scraps and savaged by the sly foxes
I am through with begging for a lick of your sweet emotions
I don’t care for them no longer, done and iced like the strawberry cake
Candles burning brighter than before, and I will make a wish
Blown all out, I seek the next phase of love to come my way, come what may
And lap up all sweet cherishes of passionate ‘for me’ kisses
Elongating as much as my will shall allow, and bow to another
Not for pities sake I tell thee, nay or for a little of the other
Swirling in dreams of bliss I’ll find myself all right once again
Inebriated by something so enigmatic, yet so simple in it’s name
Fly, and fly, by light of moon, into the new age of the dawn
Where misty skies come to greet thine wretched heart of stone
Into the well of make believe, where you shall strive to be free
But only, no doubt, succeed, like you have done so many before, alone

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