On True Love

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Spent longer than usual on this one, so let me know what you think

Submitted: March 07, 2008

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Submitted: March 07, 2008



On the morrow carry me
And under Willow marry me
Blessed by songbirds merrily
Witnessed by the Cherry tree
Wordless vows are all we need
For like these leaves, Love’s set to seed
And contented I will always be
No matter what thy eyes must see
Oh that could never change thine heart
For we’ve escaped the hands of dark
And from a sky of unborn stars
Gazed upon the souls of ours
So take my words of silent oath
I pledge with eyes to never loathe
I do not need the things of gold
Only your promise I look to hold
I want no ring to show the world
That I no longer be a girl
I want for nothing, but your truth
And in return give the same to you
Just like we have in chaos passed
Yes,’ tis true… true love can last
So squeeze me now and don’t let go
Smile through eyes that whisper Love’s glow
Yes, we will be, Dear, nay, don’t you know
Committed here, for Future’s to come
And if in doubt, we wish to go
These bonds, they still will follow
Next, take me in the potting shed
Lay me down upon blanket bed
Kiss me up and down my neck
For my love, we shall be newly wed
In Passion’s arms we’ll spend a while
We, the helpless, Love’s first child
Exchanging sensual feelings wild
Acknowledging one day, Love be mild
Then in drifting dreams of happiness
My flesh will know your tenderness
My heart will cherish our sweet romance
Sleeping entwined and hand in hand
But when we wake in misty morn
Greeted by a bitter dawn
Will thou wonder and change thou’s thoughts
Will thy dress be tattered and torn
And if you think it be mistake
Have no fear, for I shall wait
Forevermore, I’ll rest and lay
Upon the banks of loveless lakes
My hands held poised, at last, I’ll pray
In hope that we may meet again
That given time you’ll look this way
And wish that thou had never strayed
Or will I wake and know thou touch
The presence of a deeper love
Not born of fate, or woe or lust
But cast from struggles of History’s past
A love that none could ever know
Less they been where heartache goes
And kept together through that woe
And sailed those Oceans long ago
For every revolution
Earth makes around the Sun
Remember that no matter what
My love is for but one
Yet who could tell if we be free
Or one day embrace eternity
Lovers or friends, I’ll still reside with thee
Beneath Life's Weeping Willow tree!

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