So Much, Too Soon

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Submitted: June 15, 2011

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Submitted: June 15, 2011



I waited, 4 years to find you

Holding back, knowing all along

That one day you would come

Not giving in or settling

No second guessing

I know you are 'the one'

And it feels just how it should

Just like before, what I was searching for

But it's too soon, too soon

To really let go and sink into you

Though I know you know I want to

And I am sinking, slowly sinking

My breath is leaving

You stole the oxygen from my lungs

Perhaps that hand around my throat

I'm light headed and giddy and I know

I won't give in to this just yet

Too strong, too strong to fall

But I'm floating around in the breeze

And I'm smiling strong again

Singing your praises and never dropping your name

All that we have promised

All that we have devoted

So soon, so soon

And it's too soon

To say I love you

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