The Day The Roses Died

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Submitted: May 11, 2008

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Submitted: May 11, 2008



What happened when the roses died?
3 days muma laid and cried
She’d tended them with love and pride
Remembrance, for when father died

After he left, I mean passed away
I would never laugh or play
I would always run and hide
For hours on end, for he had lied

He said he’d always be there for me
That he’d always help me out
But he can’t save me from my mummy
Now all she does is curse and shout

She planted them all at the start of spring
Especially in memory of him
Dedicated her life to serving them

They were planted on the first birthday since his death
And muma said he’d fill their scent
Said every time she smelt them
She’d breath him into herself

But then Jack decided to kill them all
He froze their pretty petals, they wilted to the floor
And muma’s never been the same-and says she won’t be anymore
And all because the roses don’t grow her vision of love!

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