The End Of Season

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Submitted: May 11, 2008

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Submitted: May 11, 2008



Solitary like the trees that stand together on their own
Barren like the branches when all the leaves have blown
Bitter like the winter
When Spring begins to enter and melt the snowy heather

Jealous like the end of August Autumn harvest
Of the Summer Sun, when the heat begins to fade it wishes it was the same
And the winds remember their soar and the thunder recognises its roar
And the light turns into dark and I don’t see you anymore

Sick as the poisoned oceans that live with toxic fish
That disease our troubled minds when we eat their modified flesh
Compulsory life that the populated parliament decided for our suicidal death wish
That leads us into temptation for this evil contamination is contagious to the soul

Foul play in the game of life
Erosion at the seam
Or so it seems to me
You live your life the way people want you to be

One day in the morning when the birdsong no longer lingers on
And the nagging in your ear descends without any fear
You’ll find yourself alone in the place that you held dear
In the place that you call home

And the bitter Winter and jealous Autumn and poisoned Oceans and troubled mind
Will be out to get you for all your worth
For all your worth is more than they will ever know
But they’ll waste their time on you

You can save the dying tree, the mother wren and the honeybee, the sacred sand beneath our feet,
You’re prestigious, pretentious and powerful to the land
You need to be focused and free and free to live your life the way you want to be
Together we can make it through this disnatured nature, even if they never understand!

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