Wall Of Wonder

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Submitted: May 11, 2008

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Submitted: May 11, 2008



For centuries I stood here, alone and bare
The battered wall in the churchyard, nobody cared
They walked past me continuously, day after day
Not a blink of their eyelids did come my way

I heard their voices of laughter, when a baby was born
Christened with love, they cherished and adored
I heard their sobs of despair when their loved ones had died
But nobody laughed with me, nor heard when I cried

My stones they were bleeding, and moss took me over
As I watched from my corner the young nighttime lovers
By daytime I stood and watched the children play
Happily and merrily, though they saw not, my dismay

Through thunder and lightening, come hail, rain or snow
My body would freeze as I watched the humans go
Leaving me lonesome, solitary I prayed
To those grey gruesome heavens, that my rocks would be laid

That I would be destroyed, and devoid of this life
No longer able, to bless husband and wife
Then one sunny afternoon, with blue skies up above
A lovely little angel, came and gave me some love

She sat beside me, resting her back against mine
Reading her books and drinking red wine
Each day she would come and talk to me there
Sharing her thoughts and feelings laid bare

She was the one, the only one who knew
The passions I felt for the crisp morning dew
She brought me some flowers, and hung them on my face
And gazed upon my beauty, she was a blessing from grace

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