Slit Eyes (Characters and Summary)

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A fantasy that I have been working hard on. So far I have character bios and a movie plot of it in my head. But I need more.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011




This story is about a girl named Diana. She is the only child of her father, Ronald. Since Diana was born, she has never had a normal life. she has been forced to move from place to place her entire life. The reason, she has a dark secret that can never be told to anyone.

When Diana and her dad move to a new town called Mineral Springs, things seem to be as they usually are. Except that Diana has broken her dad's rules, and the consequences may destroy her life forever. Diana must now figureout how to fix everything that has happened or else she willlose the people she has come to love. Will she be able to fix it? Or will she have to disappear again, FOREVER?!


Diana: A fifteen year old teenager who is very shy when meeting new people. She loves to read, draw, and listen to music. She is usually alone because of her dad's rules. She knows it's because of the secret she hides, but she constantly wishes for freedom. Diana is a very special girl. More special than people would think. Diana is the last known species of a hybrid creature called a Corru. When Diana's mother was pregnant, she was attacked by a rouge Corru, which lead to how Diana was turned.

Ronald: Ronald is the father of Diana. He is generally a nice guy, but he can bea bit over protective. Ronald is a former member of the CCHL, Corrupt Creature Hunting League. After his wife died from giving birth to Diana, he swore he would always protect his daughter no matter what the cost.

Tanner: Tanner is Diana's best friend. They do a lot of things together and she is the only one that really listens to Diana. She loves to act crazy and be boatload of fun. She is a lot smarter than most of her friends. Even though she can be crazy, she loves to make people feel better when they are sad.

Roni: Roni, alsoknown as Veronica, is Diana's other best friend. Roni doesn't get to hang out much with Diana, but she still treats her like a sister. Roni is kind of like an average girl. She loves fashion and make-up and knows everything when it comes to boys. She is a good person to talk to when you need a good laugh or you just need some help.

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