I Have Literally Failed Everyone This Year.

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Submitted: October 16, 2012

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Submitted: October 16, 2012




Including myself and God. 

Nothing I have done this year has been productive. 

At all.

Blaming my sickness can only go so far.

I admit.

There was a part of me that gave up.

I am a failure.



I am trying.

I am trying again.

I may have failed everyone for a while.

But now I’m standing back up.

And I’m only looking to myself and God.

No one else.

This is the start of something amazing.


I will stand with arms high and heart abandoned.

I will fulfill my purpose in life.

For the One and Only.

God Almighty is my only friend.

My only passion.

My only inspiration.


I will no longer be a failure.

Even if I fail at everything I do.

I will never give up again.

Never accept defeat.

Because the only failure is the one who fails to try.

I am no longer a failure.


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