The Fire in the Water*

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Two men dump a body that comes to life in the eyes of one.

Submitted: July 05, 2008

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Submitted: July 05, 2008



The moon hung low tonight: giving off an orchestra of light to the river that twinkled with notes of harmony. The sky was inked with black and blue that bled into the river that I stood beside, with a friend caressed with darkness.
“Don’t make too much noise” He scowled at me with a hushed voice. I watched him return to the car with quite steps. I followed him back to the Land Rover. The vehicle stood firmly on the ground, sturdy and strong, strong enough to hold the burden we have.
“How will we do this?” I asked him with honest eyes stained with brown.
“How the bloody hell do you think we do this?” He snapped, impatiently. I could see that he was as terrified as I am, of being caught.
That is when I saw it. It was in the bag, the large, black, garbage bag that he heaved from the back of the Land Rover. His arms pulled it out and I helped lift the other side. We walked a small distance until I slipped. I slammed onto the dirty, wet grass that smeared across my face.
Her hand slipped out, reaching and pale.
“Put it back in, quick!” He yelled violently. But I didn’t hear him; I could only stare at her. Her hand was so white and delicate, outstretched at me. My mouth opened slightly and I felt paralysed.
“Put it back in!” He growled.
“She…what did she do?” I whimpered under the breath of the moonlight.
“None of our damn business now put it back in!”
“She looks so young” I said as he pulled her back so he could smother her blank face with more garbage bag. I could see part of her face, jus barely: her hair enveloped her pale face, her eyes closed, but once blue I bet, and her lips were tinted blue.

“It’s that sort of shit that will wind us in jail! Clean yourself up and help me.” He said a bit more calmly than before.
Stars watched over us as we carried her to the river edge. We kneeled over her while the current touched at the bags of her corpse. He pushed and I did the same. I felt my fingers slip into the back bag, consuming my hands. But I kept strong, until I felt her flesh, when the bag texture stopped being hollow and became a shape, around her body, I retracted my hands, but she was already on the current.
She was drifting from us. From me. From my mind.

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