Cynical Calamity

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Sometimes doubt is your victim. ?

Homosexual romance, erotic scenes, vulgar language and violence.

~Help from friend involved~

Submitted: August 04, 2014

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Submitted: August 04, 2014



Sometimes I wonder if my small form class will ever receive a new student. Well today I was in luck. Normally my school doesn't accept much new students since it allows people to wear whatever the hell they want; and this is England. 
I'm basically a face in the crowd, one of those who doesn't honestly have anything special about them what-so-ever. There is the fact that girls try to throw themselves at me, but I'm not really bothered about them. I'm gay and in-the-closet. I go by the name Warren Dixon, I honestly wish I could change my name in a click but I suppose that just won't be possible since my mum gets easily offended. 
Back to the topic of school, yes, there was obviously a new person joining my form group (which only consisted of ten people, form groups are pretty small in this small-ass school, but now I suppose there's eleven). "So as you know, we are receiving a new student here in this form. If you haven't already heard the rumour mill, his name is Ernest Webb," our form teacher paused to beckon over the short brunette, "Warren? Would you mind showing him around?" I nodded as I was snapped out a miniature trance. "Great. Go take a seat over next to Warren, then, Ernest." the boy kept quiet as he seated himself down next to me. 

"Hi." I whispered to him, nudging him softly. Ernest turned his head slowly towards me and smiled. 

"Hey," he responded quietly. I don't know what it is about him, but he kind of looks real cute. You know, with the chestnut brown hair and all plus the slim frame he holds; it's just, well, cute. "How's you?" Ernest asked after an awkward moment of silence I caused. 

"Oh-um, I-I'm good, real good!' I replied fast, too fast and ended up sounding nervous as hell. I was kind of since I was studying his body with great interest.
I spotted (and clearly heard) him giggle out of the gaps of my fingers since I placed my head in my hands, my face flushed red instantly as the stammered line rolled off my tongue. 

"Wow, are you okay?" Ernest was still trying to get his words out due to him still laughing his arse off at my scarlet face. 

"Ah, yeah, I am, sorry." I scratched the back of my head and laughed uncomfortably, forcing a grin which ended up dropping down into a small frown. Ernest immediately stopped laughing and stared at me, apologising himself and flashing me a smile that ended up showing off his pearly whites. 

School finished, it felt like it was over in just two minutes! I had to show Ernest around all the classes, fortunately. I started to feel more comfortable with Ernest as I got to know him a bit better.
I was dying inside to ask him to come over my house, we have tons in common and why wouldn't he want to? I don't see no reason why he wouldn't want to... but yet again it's no big deal anyway. It's just me asking him over my house, isn't it? It's not like I'm telling him I think he's sexy as fuck."Is it just me or is it really boring?" asked Ernest as we were walking down the street from school.

"My house is only down the road..." I dropped a little hint that I wanted him to come over. 

Ernest agreed to this."Sure, let's go then!" This made me smile like an idiot.

While walking I plucked up an awkward conversation, "My parents are out tonight, by the way..."  I pasted that stupid smile back on my face, feeling like an idiot.

"Oh, right? Cool." Ernest bit his bottom lip as it was obvious he was hiding a grin to remain seemingly chill.
I was pleased with the fact he decided to come to my house and as we arrived I began to fumble in my jean's pockets for my house-key, ending up dropping it on the 'Welcome' mat. 

"Shit..." I muttered under my breath, my cheeks instantly heating up like an oven. I heard a chuckle sound from Ernest's direction, which made me even more red in the face. "Ernest..." I sighed, shoving the key into the lock forcefully, biting my lip in frustration when I thought of sex with Ernest, something that shouldn't of really popped into my mind at that moment. I really shouldn't of thought about that since I pondered on it, even when I stepped inside of the house and he followed, shutting the door slowly behind him, myself having even more dirty thoughts. Sadly the junk in my trunk decided to go as stiff as a wooden board as soon as Ernest shoved himself in front of my eyes, staring at me dully. 

"Are you OK, Warren?" he asked, licking his seemingly dry lips (which only really turned me on more). 

"Ah, um, yeah, no worries here, yeah... I'm great!" I gave him a crooked grin as I ran upstairs yelling, "Hold on!" to him, myself seeing Ernest shake his head slowly as I ran up the stairs in a frenzy. 
As I was about to jack off, Ernest opened my door just as I was about to slip off my underwear. 

"E-Erm... Warren?" I watched as Ernest's face slowly began to turn a radiant red. I smiled apologetically. 

"Um..." I grit my teeth and stood up and just had to touch him on the back to push him out of my bedroom for him to grip my wrist and drag me closer. 

"Warren why did you suddenly get turned on?" he asked me sternly, frowning, eyebrows furrowed. I sighed and rubbed my temple, quickly pulling out of his grasp and shoving him out of my bedroom, slamming the door behind him. "Warren..." I heard him sigh from beyond the wooden door. I chewed on my bottom lip and closed my eyes. 

"Sorry, just... sorry you can go if you want or- I don't know." hearing him trudge downstairs and not walk out of the front door, I gave out a sigh of relief and decided to just quickly fix the log in my trousers. 

I trudged downstairs, only finding Ernest sat down on one of the many white sofas in my house, this one being in the living room."I see you fixed yourself up," he had no tone within his voice, but it was obvious he was pretty mad at me for shoving him out of my room. "Can you answer my question now?" my heart sank as he brought this up again. I couldn't straight out say that I had some really perverted thoughts about Ernest and I. 

"No, no, no, I don't have to answer that, sorry." I ran my fingers through my hair and let out a nervous laugh. 

"Warren," Ernest crawled onto my lap and stared me dead in the eyes, making me uncomfortable all over again. "Can you please just tell me?" his voice melted into my mind like honey that time, I just wanted to let it pour out of me and see if he'd react well. But it's pretty obvious nobody would be turned on by what dirty stories I have stored in my mind. 

"I can't." I whimpered, feeling a lump form in my neck. I wasn't going to cry, not in front of someone who I just happened to form some sort of twisted crush on after only knowing them for one day. Noticing the stern aura disappear from Ernest. 

"Oh, you're about to- oh... um..." he ended up apologising and hugging me- awkwardly. 

Surprisingly school wasn't as awful as I made it out to be, Ernest was pretty cool with everything and didn't bring back up the dreaded question from last night that'll surely haunt me for as long as I live now. 
During a Resistant Materials lesson, I was slacking off as per usual since I despise the lesson so much. As for Ernest he was attempting to put in as much effort as possible. "You sure are enjoying this crap, aren't you?" I sniggered, watching him sand some wood. Spotting him smirk, I rested my head on my right hand and studied him. 

"I suppose so..." he chewed on his bottom lip and returned to his boring classwork. 
I took this as an opportunity to study him and realize how similar we were in ways: the hair colour and skin. We both had brown hair and we both looked sun-kissed; there was only the fact that his hair was curly and mine wasn't. I still badly wanted to just cuddle him though. Forever. "Warren?" I was snapped out of my daze, only to notice that Ernest was awfully close to me, but he was sadly holding a chunk of wood. "Am I a telly now?" I got his joke, but I couldn't laugh since I was still pretty zonked out. 

"Huh?" I slurred, rubbing my eyes. I watched as Ernest shook his head and plopped the slab of wood into the set's box. I was now realizing the bell had rang and our class was being dismissed, leading to break activating. 

"You're not even on Earth any more," Ernest smirked, leading me out of the door. In all honesty I didn't really get much sleep after Ernest left, I stayed up till about four in the morning, so I didn't get much sleep at all. I'm a big sucker for hallucinating and zoning out once tired as hell. 
I ended up nodding drowsily and leaning on Ernest's shoulder, myself not even thinking about it. "Damn, did you even get any sleep at all last night?" 

"Nar." I sniggered, holding onto his shoulder with both hands. Ernest rolled his eyes and led me over to one of the many wooden benches situated around the school yard and supported me by slinging an arm around my shoulder- even when we were sat down. 

"Warren?" I looked at him with half-closed eyes and nodded him on. "I know this is going to seem really annoying- but... whatwere you thinking yesterday? You really don't have to answer, I just-" I cut him off by dragging him into my lap and dragging his head closer to my own, crashing our lips together. I didn't care if other students were staring at us, I wasn't even awake properly so I didn't think twice about my actions. 
When I pulled back, Ernest was a bright scarlet and his lips were parted, his eyes bugling wide. "W-Warren..." he sighed, biting the corner of his bottom lip. 

"And that, baby, is what I was thinking about. Only a little more eighteen rated." my words came out slurred and pathetic, but I didn't really care. Ernest raised a hand up to his soft lips and closed his eyes before pushing himself off me and wandering off into the crowds of people around the yard. I do stupid stuff when I'm tired... 

As I lay facing the ceiling in my bedroom, I ignored my mum and dad and tuned them out as much as I could. I didn't want anything to do with anybody right now; since school was now over, I was realizing what I did and coming up with consequences for the actions I performed and words that spilled out. 
My phone began vibrating beside me, so I quickly checked the caller: Ernest. I answered it unwillingly. "Warren? Hi?" I licked my lips as I heard his voice pool into my ears literally like a river full of sugar. This kind of made my heart speed up instantly.

"H-Hey. Oh, hey again I'm kind of sorry for that, um, episo-" 

"It's fine," I was cut off by him. His voice seemed a bit... dull and lifeless. It was obvious it wasn't fine, though. I was about to say something else when, "You're a good kisser for a tired fuck." I dropped my nervous smile and shook my head, running my fingers through my hair, beads of sweat tangling themselves within my hair. 

"No, I'm not, I'm sorry about that I wasn't awake, I-" 

"No, really, take it as a compliment, Warren." he seemed firm with his answer. I rolled my eyes. 

"That gets used over a million times as an excuse and a cover up, it's false, deal with it and don't say it to me. I'm sorry for kissing you in front of those people, I barely know you, but overall. I'm sorry." I hung up on him after that, not giving him a chance to reply. I felt a little guilty for being so rude to him, but then again, it was for the best. I didn't want to be that forward, I've only known him for two days! I shouldn't dwell on it or worry about it, I don't think he'll be offended, I mean, he barely knows me as well.
I was pretty shocked when he called me again. 

"Warren, what the fu-" 

"Shut up." I bluntly said, fed up with this already. 

"Just let me speak, for fuck's sake!" Ernest yelled aggressively, anger coursing through his voice. I frowned and waited for him to speak his mind. "Can't you just take a compliment? Can't you just be open about things? What's wrong with you?" I felt my throat go dry and my body telling me to hang up on him, but my brain told me not to and my heart told me to pour my feelings out onto him. 

"Ernest..." I sighed, fiddling around with my free hand. "It's just who I am." and then there you have my asshole side shine. 

"Wow. Okay. Bye, then." then he hung up himself. 

Day three of knowing Ernest and he's mad at me. If you haven't noticed, yes I may have pointed out that girls may find me attractive, but nobody wants to be my friend. Lovely. So that's why the exclusion of talk about best friends has never came up, it's because I don't have any friends
I think Ernest noticed that at break when I decided to sit by myself underneath a willow tree since he came up to me. "Uh, hi," he pipped up, sliding down beside myself and looking me up and down. "Sorry." I stared at him.

"Sorry? You don't have to be, that means shit nothing. Plus you did nothing wrong, I should be giving you a long liner on how 'sorry' I am," Ernest parted his lips and egged me on. I averted my gaze from his eyes and let out a long sigh. "Okay, okay. Ernest, I shouldn't of snapped at you and shit, I don't believe I should of done such a thing. I'm... 'sorry'." he beamed at me then suddenly threw his arms around my body, embracing me into a hug. 

"I know it's sincere when you say sorry, of course. Right?" giggled Ernest, pulling back and gazing at me with hopeful eyes. I nodded 'yes' and surprisingly enough, he leaned forward and hesitantly brought his lips closer to my own, resulting in a kiss that kind of lasted longer than the last surprise kiss. "I could get used to this, you know..." he shyly whispered against my lips, his own soft, plump ones brushing against them. I let my eyes flutter shut and contemplate on what Ernest just said. I don't think it would be a good idea since I barely know him and what he's like overtime, but here I am crushing on him like a sad teen-aged school girl. 

"I don't really think that'd be a good idea..." I mumbled, regret filling up inside of me already. Studying my face, Ernest smacked a cocky grin upon his face and said, 

"But you keep leading me on," he stated, voice sprinkled with self-confidence. This practically made me go speechless, though. I don't know why, but he was right, and we both knew it; I couldn't help it, too, I wanted to be with him but it just brings me back to the 'I barely know him' speech. Ernest leaned back in on me. "We both know that we like it this way, anyway." I raised an eyebrow as he claimed this. His voice was far too direct and firm... who knows what he was thinking.

After school. The sun was bright and blinding, myself wearing sunglasses in a failed attempt to look cool whilst sitting, bored, in the park and even shattered mothers were having more fun than I was; and that's saying something. The air was really humid and sticky, so I was already sat there sweating my ass off, listening to random tunes up until someone yanked one of them out. "You having fun there?" Ernest. He popped up out of nowhere, I swear. 

"Holy shit!" I gasped melodramatically in an attempt to maybe force a giggle out of him; luckily I did. "And to answer your question: no. Help me." I joked again, a confident grin upon my face. I suppose cracking Ernest up was the closest I could get to fun, so I gave that a shot and won, as shown. He shuffled closer to me and asked what I was listening to. By the reaction I got, he was startled by the fact I was listening to death-metal since I look no where near the type who'd actually be listening to anything like so. 

His response being, "I really didn't think you were into that kind of music, Warren." with a cheeky smirk and a playful nudge. 

"Aren't you going to do something far more interesting than sitting here in the park with me?" I asked him, expecting a response; which I didn't get. Ernest had fallen quiet, he was practically staring blankly at me like a porcelain doll.

"I think you're interesting," Ernest murmured tonelessly, "really interesting if you want me to be purely honest." I raised an eyebrow as he clambered atop of me, mouth still formed in a straight line. I was about to ask what the bloody hell he was talking about, I would have really if it wasn't for him literally licking the right side of my lips. 

"Um, Ernest?" I nervously chuckled halfway through that. To be honest I wanted to interrogate him on how and why he finds me interesting, but that would just result in him probably getting annoyed with me, so I chose not to. If I really did pick that option, I would be risking something. 

"I-Is there a problem?" fluttering his eyelashes and furrowing his eyebrows, Ernest looked pretty damn worried and I didn't understand why, but I went with it. 

"Oh, no, of course not, just- Nothing, no, nothing." I was mentally slapping myself for that. He's only going to get curious like the nosey bastard he deeply is, but I'm just lucky I'm blunt as heck.
Drooping his eyelids and knitting his eyebrows together once again, Ernest opened his mouth to speak, only to be halted by his phone blasting out his ringtone (Which was pretty damn embarrassing since it was a Dot Dot Curve song); he quickly answered it, his replies being short and snappy before, 

"Mum wants me home to take care of my litter sister, Mandy, bye." he left pretty abruptly and the fact he was rushing home probably as fast as he could meant that he needed to be there ASAP, but I still felt a little pang of hurt spread throughout the pits of my heart. I began to wonder about what he had said earlier from then on. Why the fuck did that line creep me out so much? Why am I interesting? What did a loner like me ever do to be suddenly interesting? Is he insane?

Saturday. I was wondering what on earth could possibly entertain me; something that isn't Ernest which we all know is an impossible action. Sitting in the park by myself listening to music sounded like a pretty boring idea, so I guess I had no choice but to call him. 
I did end up doing that, so I found myself rummaging around my bedroom for my phone and dialling Ernest's number he gave to me the first day I met him. "Yeah, hello?" he picked up pretty fast. 

"Hi... Ernest."

"Oh, hi Warren. You OK?" I furrowed my eyebrows and forced out a stiff, unemotional laugh. 

"Yeah, just a little bored. Whatcha doing?" I heard some child-like yelling in the background. 

"Still taking care of my little sister. What, are you dropping a hint that you want to come down?" the conversation dragged on since I refused to admit I wanted to spend a good chunk of my Saturday lazing around with him.
Awkward conversation being halted with Ernest chuckling and hanging up on me as I was playfully yelling at him, I grinned to myself and tidied my appearance up a little. I then trudged down my house's wooden stairs. 

"Where are you going?" my mum asked me, leaning against the door frame of the living room. I forced a smile and turned my head towards her. 

"That really doesn't concern you-" 

"It does, Warren." I scowled. My relationship with my dad was way better than this twisted relationship with my mum, she never really gave two shits about me because I wasn't a girl and she only began to hate me even more when she realized she couldn't even have another child. That soon faded away when I was at least nine or ten, but it still sticks in my memory, the fact that she never really loved me. My dad appreciated me and took me all sorts of places and hung out with me when I was a little lonely or down; my mum however only bought my clothes. She didn't even pitch in on Christmas toy ideas, it was all my dad's thoughts. 

"Just going out to see a friend. There. You happy?" I saw the look of disgust crawl over her face like she just saw me lick the seat of a toilet. "Oh, by the way," I remembered something, "tell dad I'm on for Sunday again. I've decided not to go to school's stupid thingie." I saw her mouth open to say something, so I quickly bolted out of the door. 
The 'thingie' is just a little session they put on every Sunday (painfully in a way) for certain kids to go to. They do activities and take you on trips, but it's nothing special and you can miss days. I was really excited to go and spend some of my savings on random bits of crap with him. 

By the time I reached Ernest's house, I only had to knock one and be interrupted for a second when he flung the door wide open. "How long does it take you to spruce yourself up and run down here?" I could tell that he was trying to act stern, but the foolish smirk didn't let the seriousness shine through. 

"I got into a conversation with my mum, then I bolted out of the door and then I realized I was out of chewy," I'd raised my hands in defence as Ernest stepped backwards to let me walk in. 

"I don't think Mandy will mind you being here. Keep in mind she's a hyper child." I nodded understandingly and followed him upstairs to his room. Just about to open my mouth to speak, I was hushed by Ernest shoving me into the closed door and leaning against my body, face a little too close for my liking. "Warren..." 

"Are you going to scream at me about the times we've kissed again? Or are you going to climb on my case of the whole mess I caused that once. Why you're still hooked on that I don't-" 

"Maybe," I was cut off. "I just want to know why you won't tell me. Why is it such a big deal? What the fuck did you wank off to? I know it involved me and you but, really. Just tell me." my heart began to race and pound against my ribcage, making my whole body shake and my palms become sweaty. As if I really wanted to admit to the fact I fapped to the mere thought of myself penetrating Ernest. 

I let out a low chuckle. "You're going to yell at me for making a big deal out of this- but... I basically masturbated  to the thought of... um, us having sex." I flashed him a crooked grin and hopeful eyes that he wouldn't slap the living crap out of me. Instead, Ernest flushed red and bit his bottom lip, looking like he would draw blood any second. Strangely enough, he let out a sigh and forced his lips up against my own, I kissing back on impulse. 

"If that's how you feel," he fumbled with my belt, making butterflies form in my stomach, "then why not do that to me right now?" I nervously giggled. 

"Your parents are-" 

"Out." I nodded, awkward mile spread across my lips. "If you don't want to you don't ha-" I couldn't really contain it any longer, the lust I had was far too strong and I desperately wanted to have Ernest for my own. I'd cut him off by cupping his face in my hands and bringing his face even closer to my own, resulting in me pulling him into a deep kiss that soon led to him tangle his hands in my hair and myself throw him onto his bed. The fact I barely knew him drifted from my head as we continued to express our lust for each other in kissing and moans; but soon enough we were fiddling with each other's belts and shirt hems. 
Our shirts were soon ripped off and Ernest's trousers were slipping down slowly, his boxers following. Mine on the other hand were still trying to be forced down. We both soon grew impatient and stopped kissing to remove each other's trousers, staring at one another when it came to the removal of our underwear. 

"You sure...?" I questioned with wide-eyes, Ernest's thumbs being slid down my boxers slowly. 

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure your want this as much as I do, right?" I did. But then there was my stubborn side fighting to get out and explain us two barely knowing each other for long once again. Luckily I swallowed those words and nodding, also slipping in a grin to clarify that I really did want to fuck him; my erection said it was for the best, anyway. 
Ernest was that enthusiastic in sliding my boxers off that he yanked them down as soon as he saw me smirk. I slowly pulled his off, examining what he had; he also of course had an erection, but his dick was pretty big, if you ask me. "Ah, shit, you're pretty big." I mumbled. 

"Me? Look at you..." he had wide eyes and a playful smirk and a blush that crawled across his face. I chuckled. I was a virgin, but I knew what people did and how they did it. We agreed on using no lube and not putting on any protection what-so-ever since Ernest wanted it rough, which only made me flush red. I went along with the moment and placed myself inside of Ernest after I lifted his legs above his head, him responding with a shriek. "Ah, Warren... it hurts..." he gasped, myself thrusting inside of him, starting off slowly until he pleaded for me to go faster, I soon finding the room feeling a lot more hotter and stickier than it was a minute ago.
I would have thought Ernest would be bleeding by now since I was thrusting into him as hard and fast as I could, grunting now and then leaving Ernest to squeal and moan in pleasure. "W-Warren... I think I'm gonna come..." Ernest gasped between groans and moans.

"Mm, same," I replied, panting. The thought of Mandy hearing us popped up right after we both came and lay together under the sheets of the bed, panting. "What if Mandy heard us?" I mentioned, wrapping my arms around Ernest. 

"She was in the back-garden when I left her, so don't worry about her," he beamed, snuggling into my embrace. "You're good, I'm probably gonna ache in the morning thanks to you." Ernest chuckled kissing my neck.
I decided to stay at his for the night, having text my mum that I wouldn't be home tonight, but staying at a friend's house as I put it. Ernest's parents came back a couple of hours later from doing whatever-the-hell-they-were-doing and gave me a warm welcome. 

Sunday. I was going out with my dad today, missing that club school has going on, of course. I woke up squeezing Ernest who was still fast asleep, looking pretty peaceful until he felt me clambering out of bed. "Why are you up so early? It's only seven in the morning." he questioned curiously, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. 

"I have plans with my dad today." I replied, picking my clothes up from the floor. I actually only slept in my boxers, Ernest insisted I did so since I didn't bring anything to sleep in and he wasn't willing to lend me any clothes. 
He tilted his head to a side and raised an eyebrow, eyes looking half-asleep, and clambered out of bed, then wrapping his arms around my waist. 

"What time will you be back?" Ernest stared at my eyes as I tried to figure out exactly what time we would be possibly returning. I gave a wild guess and said nine o'clock, PM of course. "Long day." he replied with, I nodded and escaped from his embrace to throw my clothes on and pick up my phone from atop his dresser. 

"Well... I'll see you then," I smiled, opening his bedroom door. "But first, can you just come closer a second?" I added, Ernest following what I asked of, being pulled into a quick kiss from myself. 

"I'll savour that." he chuckled, folding his arms and watch me close the bedroom door behind me. 
I left the house and returned to my own, being greeted with an ecstatic yell from my dad. He loved window-shopping strangely enough, but that was only for what he said 'men stuff' and not fashion or accessories. We were planning on heading out of our small town situated in England and drive out to a big shopping centre, which our small town didn't own. The thought of a day out with my dad always made me mentally smile, but the 'Don't spend too much money' or 'Be careful with your stuff' comments from my mum just made my roll my eyes in disgust every time. 
Eventually we did begin the car ride to the said shopping centre, it was a two hour drive, though, since it was far out of town, but it was massive and this was so worth it. We kept switching the CDs from my music preferences to his, our music taste was similar though, apart from my guilty pleasure of Crunkcore; he just laughed at how pathetic the music style was, which I didn't really pay much attention to. 

We finally reached the gigantic shopping centre, it was buzzing with people like always but we made our way around the shops we desired to raid. They were all mostly different kinds of video game shops or joke shops, one or two pound shops as well. 
Stopping for tea at an ice-cream shop since we filled up on rubbish throughout the day (mostly sweets) and so we decided it'd be funny to continue the trash food day. The conversation we were having eventually took an abrupt turn of topic. "So, tell me about this guy you've been hanging out with lately. He any fun?" I wanted to tell him everything, really. The fact I have the most awkward relationship with him ever and that I'm gay, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. 

"Yeah, he's pretty cool. His name's Ernest." my dad nodded his head understandingly and ate a spoonful of ice-cream before continuing. 

"What do you guys even do? I'm just curious, don't groan!" he added the last part to defend the weird question he asked. 

"Nothing much. Just hang out, you know?" I lied. We did hang out, but we always talked about strange things, shared erotic thoughts a lot and kissed from now on. 

Sadly my dad can see through me like glass and knitted his eyebrows together and ran his fingers through his slightly-grey hair. "You sure? You look worried for some reason... what's happening?" he leaned forward with his hands clasped together, looking definitely like a concerned parent. I bit my bottom lip as my legs began to shake violently. 

"Um," I nervously chuckled. "D-Dad?" my voice cracked throughout that, he nodded as a sign for me to continue, "I'm gay. And... I really like Ernest, OK?" he tilted his head to a side and smiled. 

"So? Have you dropped any hints?" I boggled my eyes as he took everything so lightly. I was pretty shocked, more than shocked actually, I would of never thought he'd of been so accepting. 

"So you don't mind?" 

"Of course I don't!" he chuckled, finishing off the rest of his ice-cream. I gulped and nodded, laughing it off and finishing off my own ice-cream. 

It reached nine o'clock much faster than I thought, and the car journey was almost over since I knew my surroundings. We soon pulled up in front of my house and just as I stepped inside and put my bags down, I received a text from Ernest. 
We carried on a conversation about what my day was like and the fact I told my dad I was gay and also the clear fact that my dad would never tell my mum since she's pretty strict of anybody not being heterosexual being a 'dirty fag'. Those words literally came out of her mouth once. Ernest and I agreed to meet up at the park which was about ten minutes away from my house, it was pretty dark so my mum was furious about that, but my dad let me go since I mentioned I'd be meeting up with Ernest to go back to his house (which was a lie of course since we only wanted to hang around in the park. 

The night's sky was as pretty as it always was; I personally preferred the night from the day since it was way more prettier and quiet, plus I love counting stars much more than I like cloud spotting. Arriving at the normally busy park late at night where it was tranquil was a little odd and eerie, but when I spotted Ernest in the fog I felt a little more reassured in the environment. I yelled his name and raised a hand whilst running over to him, panting by the time I reached where he was. "Hey," Ernest smiled, rubbing his arms to keep warm in the chill the night provided. 

"Why the park, then?" I chuckled, pulling him into a hug since it was obvious he wasn't used to the cold. All he did was frown and shrug. "There's gotta be a reason, c'mon." Ernest then looked me dead in the eye and released a low chuckle. 

"I want to do even more things with you, Warren. I really..." he paused. " you. A lot. I couldn't stop thinking about you the whole day, I just-" 

"I love you too, Ernest..." I cut him off, making him beam. 

"I-I..." I saw tears of joy prickle in his eyes, instantly making me wipe them away with both of my thumbs. 

"Why would I have willingly had sex with you if I didn't love you?" it was a rhetorical question, really and Ernest didn't answer it in words but with a kiss involving a load of tongue. I bit down hard on his tongue, making him moan and grope me violently. He slid his hand down my trousers but it was all spoiled by my phone going off. I cursed under my breath and answered the call which was from my mum. "Yeah-huh?" I grumbled. 

"Get back home right now, it's late and I'm not happy with you being out so late with a boy I've never even met before!" my mum of course. She went ape-shit on me with the sternest voice I've ever heard her use. 

"Fine." I mumbled, hanging up on her before she could say anything else. 

"Who was it?" 

"My mum. I've gotta head home, sorry." I saw him frown and nod his head understandingly. 

"I'll see you tomorrow at school, yeah?" he smiled. I returned the grin and nodded, headed home after that. 

Monday. I was walking into school when somebody jumped on my back giggling. "Hey, Warren!" it was Ernest of course, I could notice his voice from anywhere, and him being my only real friend it was blatantly obvious. 

"Hey, cutie." I smirked, holding his hand when he refrained from hugging my back I held his hand. Noticing him flush a crimson red, I chuckled and pinched his left cheek. 

"Oi!" Ernest laughed, myself happy that nobody was eyeing us. I squeezed his hand tighter as I noticed a teacher watching us, Ernest unresponsive. 

The whole day went pretty swell and Ernest and I planned to meet up around seven at his house, my mum finally giving in since I reminded her I actually have a friend. It was about twenty minutes to seven right now and I was killing time by chatting to my dad. "So you haven't done anything stupid with him, have you?" I felt my pupils dilate. 

"Y-Yes..." the regret was already filling up inside of me as my answer was honest and not a little lie. 

"Warren..." he sighed, rubbing his temple. "You love him, right?" I nodded. He didn't respond. "You should start walking down his house now, OK?" I nodded and ran o

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