Expose Your Demons

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Homosexual scenes, Violence, Upsetting scenes.

-Rewritten 25/08/17

I've never been one for keeping dirty little secrets, but I supposed by then that statement was clearly false. You could say that I'm just your typical, normal sixth form student, eighteen, got his life set ahead of him, everything good down the long road all planned and perfect, popular, has girls chasing after him... well you're wrong. If you so happen to slide me into the tag of ' perfectly normal', that is. As said, it's true. A dirty little secret of mine is concealed from anybody in my life- even my own best friend.

On a particular day, said best friend and I decided it'd be cool to just chill in the park for a while, get a bit of fresh air, you know? It was an opportunity for abreather from being cooped up inside of my house all day playing crappy video games. "Hey, Bryce?" I broke the silence we created, as we were just swinging on the swing-set in utter serenity.

"Mhm?" Bryce pipped up, swinging back and forth happily whilst humming to himself simultaneously. God how I had always admired him... I had a crush on him ever since we first met. Oh, that's right; my dirty little secret was that I was a no good homo and had a forbidden crush on my best friend of all people. He was just pure perfection. I admired his every feature. For a guy who was so edgy in nature he just screamed perfection to me, which was super odd given the fact I was the most respected and sought after guy in the school. Our sixth form and school weren't very well separated, we had to go into classrooms in the main block for lessons from time to time, but that was besides the point. Bryce was the only thing I wanted to pollute my mind with. "What is it, Marcel? Are you OK?" I seemed to have zoned out whilst admiring Bryce's every flawless feature.

I snapped out of my trance and rubbed my bridge. "Ah, yeah, I'm fine. Do you wanna go back to my place? It's freezing. I honestly didn't realise it was gonna be so bad..." Bryce giggled then quickly jumped off the swing, grasping my hand within a tight grip thus dragging me straight out of the chilly park. Plan worked perfectly it seemed... however I wanted to burst with joy. I could feel the warmth of his hand against my own; I basically treasured every minute of this and also decided to study him even more. Bryce's jet-black hair he adorned, the freckles splattered across his cheeks, the bright baby blue eyes of his, the tight band shirt he always wore (that one in particular was his favourite) and his black ripped skinny jeans he sported often... oh and the distressed converse he always wore- damn it all, fuck he was perfection. We may have looked like such an odd pair, as stated previously, but love held no boundaries, right?


By the time we reached my place, the lingering chill in the air had managed to grow even worse, so I had practically rushed Bryce inside, receiving no warm welcome what-so-ever from my parents, just the usual drunken slur of 'Hello' sounding from the two.
Yes, they were both alcoholics and were damaged beyond repair, in that case. Bryce was legitimately my only hope of keeping what sanity was left inside of me. He really helped me relax when I felt like losing the plot since he was an amazing listener, he'd just allow me to open up to him and let me release all of the stress inside of my mind, comforting me through calming words and long conversations. It meant a lot to me.

"Marcel West!" Bryce screamed at me, chuckling at the same time as I tickled him to death. I had rushed him up to my room as we were chilling until I had a wild idea. "Stop!" he wailed, attempting to throw my hands off his body, failing of course. 

"Nope, you'll never make me stop, ya cutie!" I sniggered, turning Bryce over on his back and attacked him from there too, making sure to get as close to him as possible until... 

"Ah, uh Marcel, stop, really... this feels uncomfortable." I stopped almost immediately. I then stared at him with wide eyes as he swivelled himself around and propped his body up using his elbows as support. "What? You OK?" face washed over with concern, Bryce stared at me with big glassy eyes for a minute until grinning stupidly. "You can talk to me, yano?" I closed my eyes for a second and released a long sigh. I didn't speak any of my feelings with words, I spoke them with my  actions that time (it was a little odd for a character like myself, as mentioned I liked to talk things out) then ended up shoving him back down on my bed, letting my body itself relax atop of his, my lips instantly brushing against his own forming a passionate kiss. Bryce ended up shoving me away after a minute-or-so, his face burning scarlet and his eyes boggled wide, pupils dilated slightly. "I-I... Marcel, I'm-" 

"Don't say anything else," I blurted out on impulse. I needed to seize this opportunity, it was all I could do. I had Bryce in my room, on my bed. How could I not try to show him how I truly felt about him? "I just thought I'd show you how I feel about you..." I gnawed on my bottom lip like a lion eating its precious, tender meat as I waited impatiently for a response from Bryce. What I got was him shoving me off him then a sprint towards my bedroom door, which I had locked thoughtfully just in case something like this would happen. "Sorry, Bryce but..." I let out a long sigh. "I can't let you slip out of my life." I could clearly see the fear and shock that his eyes had held. It was blatantly obvious, as he backed up as far as he could against my bedroom door. Trying to open it with all of his strength, Bryce failed, therefore I could take the chance to steal the role of a predator and its prey. "Bryce, come on we both  know this could work out, right?" I pushed some of my dull, brown hair out of my face- I really needed a haircut. Unlike Bryce, I liked to keep my hair short and out of my face, which is how I always liked it. I also really liked how Bryce had his hair however and I wouldn't have asked for him to have it any other way. I just wanted him to myself. I needed him. He was always there for me, how couldn't he love me? He needed me, I needed him, why not? Why couldn't this happen?

"Marcel, stop, please... you're scaring me," tears began to form in his baby-blue eyes, making my heart shatter into a million tiny pieces instantly. I didn't mean to scare him in any way, I just wanted him to know that I'll definitely be making him mine. It was the only way I saw fit. If he wanted to escape from me I had to make sure he was within my grasp and was mine and mine only.

"I really don't mean to shake you up so much... I just want us to be one already." I cast him a half-hearted smile after whisking him back over to my bed, tossing him on it like a rag-doll. It was my way or no way by now. I had to have him and that was how it was. 


Choking on my own tears, I couldn't believe what Marcel was doing exactly. Why did he kick off like that all of a sudden? It certainly wasn't like him to do such a thing, so why did he feel the need to toss away his personality that was set in stone and replace it with another? I was probably the main route of this problem, but hey! I hadn't done anything to make him go bat-shit insane all of a sudden at the time; I really didn't know what the reason was behind it all. "Marcel, what are you doing?!" I shrieked at the top of my lungs, his parents probably not giving two damns about what was going on up here since they were far too lost in their own world of never-ending madness. It sucked, I just needed to escape the situation I was being presented with. That wasn't my best friend... it wasn't him, no way.

"I want you now, Bryce. Now. I really can't wait any longer, it's just been too long," Marcel then began to slip his cold hand up my shirt, his hands brushing slowly across my nipples. "I need you right now. I've always longed for this moment. Just let me have this."  I felt my eyes grow bigger almost instantly as he tore my shirt off my body, kissing every inch of my exposed skin, before migrating up my body, kissing my neck passionately. I found myself actually getting turned on a little by this. Moaning in pleasure by accident, I instantly felt my cheeks redden and feel as hot as an oven. Marcel managed to take it the way I was dreading- which was to make the kisses he was giving me even more rougher and to begin grinding up against my body heavily. "Can I also... try something out I've been turned on previously by?" he murmured softly against my ear, his lukewarm breath hitting off me like a bullet. 

"Um... OK, I suppose so, if it'll make you happy..." I began to deeply regret those words of encouragement. I regret ever muttering them so much that I hated myself so much for agreeing to such a thing. What Marcel managed to do next surprised me so very much. What he did was retrieve a knife from a tray set upon the top of his wardrobe, well hidden from my eyes over the years, he then wandered over to me and licked the knife's blade before staring at me with wide insane eyes. 

"How about we try this then, cutie?" I gulped sharply as I watched the cold blade settle down on my skin. "For now, I suppose I should let you... rest your eyes on it and get used to the feeling of it..." I felt tears scorch my eyes as I saw the once genuine, nice-guy smirk vanish from Marcel's face, only to be replaced with a menacing sadistic grin. One you'd see on a serial killer, not your own best friend. "Since I'm not planning on damaging your body... for now," he unbuckled my belt and slid my trousers down my legs before speaking again. "I'd like to have some fun with your precious body I've admired to much over the years." my palms grew even sweatier due to the nerves circulating throughout my whole body.
Where was my best friend? What had happened to him? I thought hopelessly. I just couldn't comprehend the loss of the personality I once admired. The guy I would see daily, that happy-go-lucky expression of his always plastered upon his face, the time we spent quarrelling over video games it... just felt like a lie at the time. As though every activity we had ever done up until that point in time was all a fabricated lie. The fact that Marcel began to slip his hand down my boxers was also an action that made my body instantly tense up, my brain yelling at me to do something whilst my heart said it was OK because it was Marcel; I didn't know which part of me to believe, so confusion overtook the scene and left me zoned out whilst Marcel began to slowly remove my underwear, the knife still laid on my stomach. I was allowing him to have his way with me.
I then snapped out of my dazed confusion and realised what he was planning on doing and almost instantly, I tried to release a scream of disapproval, and in response Marcel quickly covered my mouth. "If you're going to act like that," I watched him silently as he clambered off me and edged back towards his wardrobe, reaching up for something else, "I'm going to have to shut you up, you know." What was possessed in Marcel's grasp was a gag, which sent chills down my spine that felt like somebody was pouring cool water throughout the entirety of my body. 

"You're not going to use that, are you...?" I sobbed, voice cracking, tears now streaming down my face (which had released themselves a while back). 

Chuckling grimly, Marcel jumped back onto my body abruptly and quickly placed the gag around my mouth, preventing me from making any further noises. It had also made it harder for me to swallow my own saliva. "Come on Bryce, I have to take these kind of precautions. I don't want anybody hearing your cries for help. You're mine now, okay? Whether you like it or not," I was practically exposed to him by now, which made it a lot easier for him to inflict even more damage to my body. I dreaded the obvious, as it was clear he was planning on violating my body momentarily, it felt so wrong. I disliked it. I didn't want to be there. This wasn't the Marcel I knew, it just wasn't. I hated the situation I was placed in so much I just wanted the Marcel I knew and cared for back.
Marcel flipped me onto back forcefully, I let out several muffled screams which had instantly triggered my gag reflex after a while, leaving me to basically drool instead of release cries of help and disapproval. "It won't hurt... I guess." he jerked my head around and caressed my chin as the malicious grin returned to rest upon his tanned face.
You really wouldn't have thought he would be the type of guy to do such a horrific thing to another person. He looked like your typical nice guy, but the situation I was presented with changed my opinion on him entirely. But his appearance and the way he was with me in the past had never failed to convince me that the catastrophe playing out in front of myself was all but a mere phase and that it would soon die out slowly. That way everything would manage to go back to how it was before: just us two acting like normal friends, not some demented gay couple who clearly liked a bit of S&M. I don't think I ever managed to describe how Marcel presented himself. He adorned short, brown hair which was a little too long for his liking at the time, he always wore clothes that you'd see on any normal teen-aged boy and had one of the most heart-stopping smiles ever; he could get any girl to do whatever the hell he wanted. And yet he chose to torture me? I'd bet quite a lot of money that there would be some twisted girl out there at the time that would die to be the position I was in then. "You're all mine now. Why don't we seal the deal?" I almost instantly knew what was about to come after those sickly words that left his mouth. I prepared myself for it during Marcel's babbling but I was pretty sure I couldn't endure it at all- and I wasn't half right. 
As soon as Marcel forced himself into me, I tried to yelp but that only ended in myself dribbling more. There was the fact that I was low-key turned on by this, which made me want to punch myself since I was enjoying all of this. It wasn't the fact I approved of the situation, it was the fact he managed to stimulate my body in such a way that made me feel pleasure. I then tried to focus on the good points that Marcel had to try and make myself feel better about the predicament I was in once more, but it was hard as hell to do so since I couldn't think straight at all. "Damn, you're so fuckin' tight..." it was impossible to ignore the comment he had just made, so I buried my head in the pillow directly in front of me to prevent myself from attempting to scream any more; it only made a mess of my face in the end if I let any more spit out. That and I honestly wanted to attempt to block out Marcel's comments that made me feel even less of a human being than I already did at the time.
I had never done anything of the sort before so it hurt like all hell. It was hard to attempt to struggle out of the firm grip Marcel had around my hands, therefore I couldn't do shit to take the damn gag off so I could finally speak and not literally choke on my own words. He had soon began to thrust harder into me, causing more noises to be restricted from leaving my mouth. I wondered when on earth this torment would finally come to an end, as it felt like my ass was going to split in two at any given second. My muffled yells didn't go unnoticed however, as the reaction Marcel saw fit was to slide his cold fingertips from my neck to my lips, letting one hand go off the strong grip he had around my hands; I still couldn't struggle free from his grasp. Marcel was way stronger than I had ever been in my whole life, hence why it hurt more than it would any other person due to the fact he was thrusting into me hard and fast. "Ah, I'm almost done..." he grunted confidently. He was probably smirking cockily as he said that. I winced as I felt Marcel grab hold of my crotch and begin to jack me off to fix the wood I had down below. I didn't know how I had allowed myself to grow hard over the mess I was in. I was too out of it to even realise somehow. I had managed to start releasing even more trapped moans and screams that had all simply just turned into me slobbering again.
I soon felt Marcel come inside of me and soon found myself ejaculating as well, him actually licking my cum off his hands before chuckling in satisfaction, then moving himself away from my exposed body. I felt so degraded... it stung like a bitch. "You're going to have to get used to that," he grinned, zipping up his fly, "there's a lot more where that came from now that I have you where I want you. I don't wanna let this opportunity of a life time go to waste. That'd be a shame, now wouldn't it?" he then flipped my body over, making sure to maintain a tight grip on my hands. I was faced with a confident smirk and devious eyes. Almost instantly, my eyes had went as wide as they possibly could since I could tell what he was planning on doing as soon as he forcefully dragged me over to that damned wardrobe to retrieve more equipment from the top of it. I was surprised by the mere fact he managed to stash such things atop his wardrobe, since his parents would raid his room to check if he had hidden any of their booze on a daily basis. I mean, they would've saw all of this equipment, right? 
I had watched Marcel cuff my hands together using handcuffs he had retrieved from his hoard. I began to shake my head side-to-side violently, I refused to be restricted even further than this; the gag was more than enough for me. I didn't need another ban to my own free will just for Marcel's sake. I didn't want to feed his kink anymore. "Sorry, but I don't want you to think you can just leave me. I need to reassure myself that you'll stay up here. Oh and don't worry, I told my parents not to come up here," I felt prickles of warm tears pool in my eyes, preparing themselves to streak down my pale cheeks. The flurry of emotions coursing through my entirety were beginning to grow even more overwhelming. I pondered the possibility of when I would ever escape Marcel's sadistic grip, and the chances of my escape began to feel slimmer and slimmer. It upset me deeply. "Aw, baby," Marcel cooed, quickly pulling me into a tight embrace. "Don't cry," he then wiped most of my tears away, "this will be fun. Please trust me." Then came the return of the creepy laugh he allowed to escape his lips. It made me shudder every time I heard it. I let more waterworks flow down my face, making Marcel hide a pinch of empathy, which was buried deep beneath the insane eyes and cocky smirk that he was all too stubborn to drop. What surprised me is what he did next; Marcel had pulled me into an even tighter embrace, myself still fully exposed, and began to nervously laugh. "Bryce, honey, stop... please. Don't cry any more. We can have more fun soon." I watched as he wiped away my tears again, still chuckling to himself. This was a living hell.


School rolled over that next day and oh, Marcel... you're one mean motherfucker. Why I did I do those downright cruel things to my beloved Bryce? I'll never know. What I would have to do is fill the teacher up to the brim with lies regarding Bryce's current state. Perhaps I could say he was sick or something... say his parents already know but passed the message onto me since they're at work, of course.  Damn that was almost foolproof. However Bryce's friends would easily suspect something was up due to Bryce's high attendance and above-average marks in all of his subjects. Damn it, Bryce why couldn't you lax a little more? You just had to be perfect didn't you? "Hey, Marcel?" a girl's voice sounded in my ears, breaking my thinking time almost instantly.

"Yeah?" I quickly turned my attention toward her and slapped a half-assed smile upon my face to show her I was perfectly fine, when in fact on the inside I was dying to ditch school for the day to see Bryce because I needed to clear everything up with him since I felt like I could talk to him properly today. I let my actions talk and not my mind. It sucked and I wanted to see if I could reason with him after that little scenario. I didn't know whether it was even worth it or not, because I was certain he hated me by then. Who wouldn't hate me, huh? I'm no good.

"Ha-Have you seen Bryce Lancaster? I-Is he in today?" her voice seemed to be relatively shaky and filled to the brim with nerves, so this made my mind instantly generate reasons as to why she was acting so pathetically girly. Did she have a crush on Bryce? If so this wasn't going to end so well with me and her. I couldn't let anybody try to steal him away from me. As much as I still wanted to clear things up with him, I couldn't allow him to like somebody else other than me. I felt as though it was absolute destiny for him and I to be together. As crazy as it sounded, it was the absolute truth. Him and I were made for each other. There was no way around it.

I stopped thinking too much into her words and scratched the back of my neck. "No, he's ill. Sorry, darlin'," I flashed her one last smile before departing from her, noticing her nod understandingly, yet with a pinch of added sadness to her action. I dropped the smile from upon my face as soon as I had my back towards her. If it wasn't obvious enough already, I really didn't want to admit to anybody that I was definitely homosexual since people at the school I attended were really harsh on you if you were anything but heterosexual. It was due to the fact we grew up in such a small town where everybody knew everybody and so forth. For someone to be gay would mean hell on. I couldn't deny my feelings for Bryce though. That just wouldn't happen.


I bet Marcel had a fun time at school without me. I was, on the other hand locked up in his room all day. My only entertainment being to listen to his parents' rambling and arguing. I occasionally heard a bottle or two smash as well. I really wondered how he could live in such an atrocious environment. Speaking of bad environments, the humiliation I felt not being able to wander out of his room to piss was extremely dehumanising since I had to take matters into my own hands concerning my own bladder. It made me feel sick to my stomach.
Shortly after, I heard the door open and slam shut. It was certainly Marcel. Feeling completely and utterly deprived of social contact, I accidentally let out a shriek of excitement, which only made me slobber. "Hey, Bryce," Marcel beamed at me as he entered his bedroom, locking the door behind him, crouching down beside me since I fell over hopelessly and basically couldn't get back up to due the handcuffs restraining me. I just glared at him. I really wanted the gag to be removed from my mouth, because I was sure my chin was coated in dry spit that I desperately wanted to wipe up. "What's wrong? Is it the gag, baby?" I saw the playful smirk appear on his face as he poked the gag I was wearing. I nodded in response. "Aw, but I really don't want you screaming the house down, though, do I? I'm so sorry," I began to whine and gave him puppy-dog eyes, which triggered a short sigh. "Fine. I'll also put some clothes on you, I guess." the butterflies instantly grew in my stomach as those words left his mouth. Finally, I would be able to clean my mouth up and feel a lot more warmer and human than being laid naked with a gag and shackles on like some 'pet'. It was guaranteed Marcel wasn't willing to remove the cuffs, however which was a darn shame because it can get really annoying not being able to use your hands for anything, especially lifting yourself up after falling on your face off a bed. Oh damn how would I get the fuckin' spit off my face in that case? I really hated this predicament with all my heart.
As he removed the gag, I felt a small sense of freedom. However Marcel attempting to clothe me felt demoralising. I felt like I was a six year old again the way he kept telling me to stay still, move, squirm and the way he forced the clothing onto my body as though I were a doll. Yeah I felt shitty.

"Marcel..." I croaked, holding my dry throat afterwards. It hurt like a bitch to speak.

"Yeah, hon?" it took him a second to realise what I wanted. "Oh, you want a drink? Um, sure hold on," he then quickly rushed downstairs to retrieve something for me to drink from the kitchen. 
Why was he even bothering to get me a drink in the first place? I get that he had previously said that he basically loved me, but Marcel surely shouldn't even be doing all of these things to me if he did love me. Shouldn't he be doing cute stuff with me? Like climbing in my bedroom window late at night just to see me, texting me worryingly and stuff? Not putting me in shackles and a gag, rape me then keep me locked in his room. It wasn't romance, hell to the no, so why did he even bother to feed me and hydrate me?
I pondered on these thoughts for a while until they were shattered instantly as Marcel returned to his room with a glass of water for both himself and I. "I'm back," Marcel beamed, a fake bitter-sweet smile pasted upon his face as he wandered over to the bed he had previously rested me on. He helped me drink the water after he rested his own glass on a drawer next to his bed. "Oh... I'm uh really sorry for putting that gag on you." he wiped all of the saliva off my chin and grinned sympathetically.

"I hope you're sorry. It was just so unexpected of you to do something so horrendous to me," I paused for a second to collect my thoughts and let his grin grow wider."But is this madness going to continue?" I watched the grin fade from his face. My stomach plummeted through the floor. It was obvious he still wanted things to be the way they were. Though Marcel did say that he was planning on doing something with the knife he had placed upon my belly the night before.

"I-I can't promise you that it won't stop... because I'm afraid of losing you, really I am. Something today gave me all the more reason to worry... I mean-" 

"What? 'All the more reason'? What's that supposed to mean?" Instantly I began to panic. If he was afraid of losing me so much and had been given another reason to hide me away from everybody else this was seriously bad. Tensing up Marcel frowned and scooted up closer to me, slinging an arm around my small shoulders. 

"You do realise that this certain girl has a crush on you, right?" Worry began to fill up inside of me like a swimmingpool.
I had known about the girl, Samantha Smith's crush on me since nursery. She would always cast glances at me and giggle at almost everything that left my mouth. I decided to just be friends with her the whole time as I wasn't prepared for a relationship, not telling her that her crush on me was painfully obvious. And so it all came down to this massive consequence: Marcel was going to do something horrifically drastic to her. It couldn't have been any more obvious. He wasn't happy with her feelings and I could tell it was just going to end terribly.

"Yes, I know. But I don't want things to go any further than they already have with her. I'd rather just be friends with her, OK?" I could literally see the worry melt off Marcel with my words. The fact that he was still going to torture me with his weapon collection didn't make me want to return the smile he cast me. 

"Ah, right. So you'll be with me instead, right?" My heart had probably stopped beating completely at that point. Me? Be with him? I didn't know how to feel about that at all. My body would be completely torn apart by him and yet I still wanted to say yes; was I really turning into some sort of masochistic bastard? Is that what Marcel was really doing to me? I didn't want to be some sort of masochistic freak at all, it'd ruin myself and my name! I didn't want that! Yet I low-key wanted to make him happy and satisfy his every need slowly, pleasing him and slapping a smile on his face, my body being violated by weaponry every time Marcel felt like harming me. It was a sick and twisted fantasy but it was the only way I could even survive the predicament I had landed myself in. It was either go for what I could or die.

"Um.... yeah, sure." the words I regretted most let themselves slip out of my mouth. Why did I say yes?


I'd slept quite well that night. Marcel had kept my body as close to his as humanely possible that night, he had seemed to be even more clingy than usual after he found out about Samantha's crush on me. Though the thing that managed to drive me insane was the fact my parents didn't give two shits that I had been gone for so long; I was never one to go on much sleepovers, not even with Marcel when things were as dandy as ever. "Mornin', babe," Marcel mumbled against my neck, his hot breath bouncing off my skin and following his words up by kissing my neck lovingly. I didn't know how to respond. Though a thought cropped up into my mind; School. Call me a swot all you please, I enjoyed school and cared a lot about my grades, so missing days of school hurt like a bitch.

"Marcel," I pipped up, ready to ask him the question that was on my mind.

"Mhm?" he smirked.

"Can I go to school today? Please?" his eyes instantly drifted to the shackles I was still wearing, then he gulped nervously. 

"I don't know..." 

"Please?" I begged, staring at him with soft puppy dog eyes. Marcel's expression loosened up. I wasn't sure what his answer would be, but I sure as hell knew that he was a very stubborn guy. 

"I'm telling the school then that you need to be around me at all times. I don't want to lose sight of you, Bryce. It's too risky." I let out a long sigh of relief. At least it was better than nothing.


My eyes were glued to Bryce in third period (which was Art). I couldn't help but keep a watchful eye over him since Samantha decided to sit right next to him, leaving me to look like a total third-wheel; which I was not going to put up with- at all. "So, um... how's your cold, Bryce? Are you feeling any better?" Samantha questioned Bryce. I noticed her shuffle her chair an inch closer to Bryce's. My eye twitched with rage instantly.

"Ah, um... I'm feeling a lot better." his reply was given as soon as I shot him a glare. He needed to play along with this little act or I'd be doomed. The smile she cast at him made my stomach churn and my eyebrows knit together. 

"That's good to he-" 

"Shit!" I cursed, interrupting Samantha's words. My phone had started vibrating in my trouser pocket. It was probably another drunken call from either one of my parents; I got them an awful lot. 

"What's wrong, Marcel?" Bryce chimed in, concern written all over his delicate face. He knew my parents liked to call me a lot. But I figured I'd explain the situation once more in case he had forgotten.

"Your parents seem aw-" 

I didn't want to hear anything from Samantha regarding my personal issues. I instantly grew enraged. "Excuse me," I grumbled, asking the teacher permission to leave the classroom. If I heard her voice one more time I was going to explode... 


Marcel seemed extremely agitated, which also wasn't like him. You would've thought a happy go-lucky guy like himself wouldn't be acting so stressed out. However I knew it was because of Samantha's crush on me and the fact his feelings for me were out in the open. Samantha had definitely seemed gravely offended by all of this. But it was, after all Marcel's own fault for showing what he claims to be his 'true colours'. He didn't even come back into the classroom till it was almost the end of the lesson and by then we were all being dismissed, therefore I missed him whilst walking out of class. "Marcel?" I called his name. No response. Was he mad at me for sitting next to Samantha? Yeah, that must be the case, why was I so blind in the first place? He was probably sat there with jealousy bubbling up inside of him. Fuck I hated myself.
Eventually I spotted Marcel halfway down the hall, so I quickly picked up my pace and bolted towards him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Marcel? Are you-" 

"Don't even fucking say it!" the tone of his voice made me step back a little, withdrawing the hand I had on his shoulder. Luckily the hallway was cleared out by the time I managed to catch him and everybody had already made their way outside for break, but that only really made his voice echo throughout the halls, which made me even more intimidated. 

"I'm sorry...?" I apologised, bottom lip quivering slightly. My legs felt like jelly and my palms were sweating like mad. I didn't want him to do something like lash out at me whilst we were at school, that would just be really tragic.  

"Do you like Samantha?" Marcel turned around slowly. His cheeks were blotchy from crying. His eyes may have screamed sadness, but his body language screamed furious; the heavy breathing, his tense posture, his fists clenched... I couldn't bare looking at him being in such a sorry state. But his question made me rethink my answer millions of times inside of my head, I couldn't think of the right answer, I didn't want him to be offended and slap me or something. 

"As a friend... nothing more than tha-" 

"Why even as a friend?" I raised an eyebrow and parted my lips, my eyes filled to the brim with worry. I began to slip on every word that attempted to come out of my mouth, which was an indication for me that I was growing anxious. I soon realised that I was on the verge of crying by then. Marcel's shoulders relaxed as soon as I cupped my hand over my mouth, tears streaming down my own face now. "Baby-uh, Bryce..." Marcel murmured, wincing.

"Just... she's just a friend, OK?" it didn't seem like Marcel was satisfied with my answer yet, so he continued to argue with me;

"But... Bryce! She likes you! I can't have tha-" 

"I don't give two shits! OK?" Hurt spread across his face as soon as those words escaped my mouth. I instantly regretted what I said.

"I want her to know that you're not single, though. She just doesn't seem to get it at a-"

"Are you asking me out or something?" the argument went silent. It seemed as if Marcel was trying to figure out the right answer to say, something that wouldn't hurt me or make himself look stupid in his own eyes; the confused look pasted across his face said it all. I figured he already thought we were together after he asked me if I would be his, but it didn't seem to be a clear enough indication to me at the time that he wanted me to simply just date him. That and I needed a way to cancel out the furious side of him as soon as possible by leaving him at a loss for words.

"Yes. I suppose I am," Marcel had a firm grip on my upper-arm now. "Isn't it obvious that I love you, Bryce?" Again my brain told me to scream 'No' at him yet my stupid, stupid self just wanted Marcel to be happy for once. Even though he never acted like this before, it was kind of obvious he suppressed sadness due to his parents' situation and the lack of love in his life. I figured all I could do is try to make him just the slightest bit happy. But at the dispense of my own safety and sanity? I didn't know whether that was worth it or not.

"Fine. I'll go out with you." I stuttered, receiving a strong hug from Marcel, myself filling up with guilt and regret as soon as his body came into contact with my own. I only agreed to go out with him because it'd make him happy as mentioned previously. My mind was so confused about Marcel however, as I never knew whether he was a straight-up good guy or a bad guy.

"Thank you so fucking much, Bryce." The fact that Marcel was now in tears broke my heart. But I still felt nothing but regret.


The floor was cold. I manged to zonk out earlier after Marcel and I returned from school on his couch by accident. His parents had luckily been out to drink instead of being cooped up inside of the house, so I was safe from any bottle being broken over my head, yet I then had no clue where I was and my vision had been stripped away from me, no doubting the fact I had a blindfold on. "Marcel?" I called out. Only my echo responded to me. I tried again, "Marcel?" no response. I felt goosebumps begin to spring up all over my skin, a chill overcoming my body that once was warm a few seconds ago. Again, no doubting I was stripped of my clothes. I blame Marcel. I blame myself too. I stupidly agreed to go out with him earlier and this is how he repays me? Fucking hell I- 

"Oh, I'm sorry," Marcel's voice sounded, though it seemed distant. "I didn't realise you'd be up so soon." I couldn't tell what Marcel was doing exactly, but I knew it wasn't going to be something I would enjoy since I heard a metallic clink echo throughout the room.

"Marcel...?" I croaked, fear crawling up my spine as I said his name. Just mentioning his name now made me shiver, just hearing his voice now made me shiver, just being in his presence made me shiver

"Didn't I say that we'd experiment with some weaponry?" I held my breath. Was he really going to do this? Experiment on my body with knives to see how much blood will gush out of my vulnerable body all at once whilst grinding on me or thrusting himself inside of me? I felt sick to the stomach. Sounding by the tone of his voice, his mad parade of insanity was all going to piece together slowly. Those daunting images in my head  depicting the horrific scenario were all going to be released into reality. I wanted to vomit.

"Please, Marcel, you don't have to do this...!" I screamed, voice cracking at the end slightly, the sensation of something crawling across me reached my skin, though I knew Marcel wasn't anywhere near me since I could still hear knives being clanged together and things rustling around. I didn't know whether my imagination was on my side then or not, it was hard to tell with everything over the past few days playing out like a sick and twisted porno. I felt even more sick as the sensation I was experiencing made me wince and feel ten times more nauseous.

"But I have to, Brycie. It's for the best if I experiment on your body, I mean... fuck, how do you have such a perfect figure? Such amazing features as well. Man you also have that soft, fluffy jet-black hair of yours. Ah,  don't get me wrong I know you dyed it but it looks so fuckin' good on you-" I tuned him out after that. I didn't need to hear anything else. His words were meaningless to me, they weren't even compliments, they were just ugly words being tossed at me, making me feel like a useless, broken toy of some sorts, damaged beyond repair. I felt so fucking sick. "You get me though, right?" I snapped out of my thoughts and licked my dry lips.

"I..." my voice refused to let itself be heard at the moment since my brain kept telling my whole body to shut down and endure what it had coming, something very unbearable.

"N'aw, it'll be OK. Just stay sat there looking like the adorable lil prince you are and I'll tend to your needs," I felt my chin being raised as soon as Marcel had drifted across the room. "You know you want this you dirty bitch." his words stung. "But first..." I waited for Marcel to finish his sentence impatiently.
The whole room had fell silent, leaving myself to feel around the floor; it was all damp and extremely cold. I had a feeling I was in Marcel's basement. Wait, let me rephrase that- Marcel's basement? It seemed to be really well hidden since I had never noticed anything indicating toward the fact that he even owned a basement. And I had known Marcel for years. We had basically been through thick and thin together, we were childhood buddies for fuck's sake. And it just had to come down to the sad conclusion that Marcel transformed into a sadistic loon-bat. It stung like crazy.
Surprisingly enough, Marcel removed the blindfold I had on and grinned maliciously at me, then whisked away upstairs. "I think you're in for a little treat, in my opinion," He yelled from above. I felt my heartbeat halt to an abrupt stop as I heard a muffled shriek. My whole body tensed up as I watched Samantha being dragged down the stairs, Marcel treating her like a useless rag-doll as he tossed her down the remaining set of stairs. She didn't have a gag on, just a piece of cloth tied around her mouth.

"Why? Why? What the fuck has she ever done to you? Marcel come on!" I screamed, voice cracking as warm tears streamed down my cold face.

"What she's done to me is like you!" Marcel's voice grew very aggressive, defensive and feisty really quick, resulting in even more fear to creep up inside of me. My head instantly began to feel light and my palms began to sweat profusely as Marcel took a single knife and held it up against Samantha's slender neck. "You know, if you don't say something-" 

"Say what exactly, that I hate her?" 

"Yes! Oh my god, yes! Perfect, thank you. Now say it!" I swallowed my saliva after Marcel's insane words spilled out of his mouth.

I had always despised tossing the word 'hate' around for no reason, but this was for the best. Would I  have really loved to see a good friend have her neck slit right in front of me? Have a good friend's neck slit by my own best friend, actually? I didn't think that will settle down well, I would have probably ended up vomiting after all if that was to occur.

"I...hate you, Samantha... OK?" I gulped mid-sentence and stammered an awful lot. My body shaking so hard, the words that left my mouth were already being regretted instantly. I felt like a terrible human being. The fact she began to shake her head violently as Marcel removed the knife away from her neck made me regret the words even more. I'm sorry... the words didn't escape my lips however, for I knew that Marcel would go back on his word instantly. 

Grinning, Marcel shook his head and paused before letting a snide laugh escape from his lips. "Am I... really that stupid?" he then plunged the knife into Samantha's stomach, digging out any entrails surrounding that particular area, then letting her body fall to the ground in an instant. 
My eyes boggled. How could he do something like that...? The picture of her corpse managed to sink in and go right to my stomach and I hurled before I knew it; my head had instantly thrown itself forward, no sick getting in my hair amazingly enough. Marcel sniggered at me. "And that, my prince, was something I've been meaning to do for a long time now," Marcel boasted with a cocky tone, making me scream and yelp when Marcel slapped me harshly, darting across the room with ferocity before doing so. "Now that the little bonus is out of the way, I may as well get started on what I've wanted to do since I first fucked you." I began to rapidly shake my head, any shriek being stopped due to Marcel cupping my face in his hands and forcing his lips up against mine, myself instantly feeling vulnerable and obliged to accept the sweetness I was being given.
Marcel soon shoved his tongue forcefully inside my mouth and settled himself on my hips, straddling me whilst toying with my tongue playfully. Even though I knew the worst was yet to come, my heart was pounding inside of chest. This sadly made it impossible for me to throw Marcel off me when he began to toy with my crotch in an attempt to make it erect. The things he whispered to me as I refused to let myself be turned on by the situation made it even more harder not to get a boner; the plan I had for myself didn't work out. "Ah, see you love it..." Marcel purred, tangling his fingers in my (probably greasy since he refused to let me shower unless he could watch me) hair, kissing my neck and biting me softly. I responded with a simple moan that managed to escape my lips. "That just proves it even more doesn't it, baby?" Marcel reached into his back-pocket afterwards, only to reveal a small pocket-knife with an immaculately clean blade. "You know, I saved this one for you. You should feel special," I didn't feel special though, at all... that's the thing. I whimpered. "Oh, you dirty slut..." The word stung more than the blade that was being dug into my side. Marcel didn't sink the blade in far, but it was far enough for me to scream in agony. He removed it slowly, making me howl more, make more tears pouring out of my eyes and for me to shake uncontrollably. Blood was now trickling down my body in lengthy strands.

"It hurts..." I whimpered, sniffling and allowing the tear drops to fall off my face. 

"That hurts?" Marcel sniggered, licking the side of my neck passionately before smiling against my skin. "I'll show you pain, Bryce, that was nothing." My stomach began to churn instantly, as those words sunk into my system slowly like venom. Surprisingly enough what Marcel did next didn't consist of the usage of blades, but the unzipping of his own trousers and himself penetrating deep into me after forcing my legs up above my head quickly. I wasn't prepared for any of what was about to come therefore I released an ear-piercing shriek, my head being thrown back at the same time. 

"Fuck... Marcel please don't do this..." I cried through gritted teeth. I was trying my best not to scream as much as I would usually do.I was pretty sure I was bleeding in two places now and giving the reactions Marcel wanted would only persuade him to make more tears in my skin.
Marcel refused to listen to my plea, leaving me to howl in pain as he thrust into me harder and harder every time I cried out for him to stop. Taking my erection into his hands and pumping up and down harshly, Marcel chuckled solemnly as I closed my eyes tightly, feeling like I'd come any second. I felt so damn degraded. How did I allow myself to be turned on by all of this? It sucked. I hated myself.
Marcel eventually came inside of me, myself ejaculating all over Marcel's top, feeling a little scared this time since he had the pocket-knife right by his side to do more damage to my skin. On the other hand I was so... so demoralised. I felt terrible. Terrible.

Cupping the left side of my face in his hand, Marcel giggled sweetly. "I don't think I'll do anything to harm this cute face of yours, Bryce," his tone of voice made even more goosebumps prickle up on my skin. It definitely sounded rough and horny. "It's definitely too perfect to damage. I mean, I'd be torn if you would ever consider getting piercings." I had been considering it before all of this happened, a lip piercing to be precise, but I guess now the chances of that ever happening were futile. "Though I wouldn't mind messing around with your hair myself..." his constant rambling made it unbearable; the pain, him droning on, the pain... it was all too much for me. 

"Marcel, can we please stop this?" I pleaded wearily, my eyes still shut close. 

His response stuck in my head like a needle that refused to be removed, something that needed to be plucked from my memory as soon as possible. "Baby... it's only just begun." Shortly after that I blacked out, my eyes spotting the needle Marcel had used to knock me out roll across the floor beside me. The last thing I did see was his vicious grin. Oh how I just wanted to... die


Summer really made me happy, the fact that it was actually sunny out for once and that I had to resort to only wearing tanks, shorts and vans for a long time was really something.
Speaking of something, Bryce was still mine and only mine. I occasionally let him wander outside with me from time to time, but only rarely. Probably only when he willingly begged me to. He still didn't want to cooperate with me very well in in this at all. He was always so defiant and feisty, very unsociable as well. I still fed him though 'cus I wanted him to keep the wonderful figure he already had. I honestly didn't want him to lose something so flawless and immaculate over my carelessness. I had cut his hair a bit so that his fringe wouldn't distract me from admiring his baby-blue eyes, that was something I had needed to do for a long time. How I longed for Bryce to be on his knees, begging me to stay by his side every day, to cuddle him, pet him, feed him, fuck him even and do practically anything for him... yet he still refused to accept the fact he was mine now. All the beautiful scars that adorned his body proved it anyway. 

It was a really sticky, hot summer's day back then. I was gripping onto Bryce's hand tightly as we wandered around outside in the warm air, myself sweating like mad. Bryce just didn't seem to be talking as much as he always did, which made me concerned immediately. "What's wrong?" I questioned, halting to lift his face up by his chin. 

"I just..." Bryce murmured with sad eyes, his voice sounding hoarse oddly enough. I swear I gave him at least ten drinks that day. I was not even exaggerating I do believe. "Even though this has been going on for several months I'm still not happy with this all. Why can't we be a normal couple, Marcel? Why do you keep me chained up in your basement under your parents careless eyes? And why have you convinced my parents that I'm dead?" The thing about his parents were so that they wouldn't be on my case about him therefore I told them he was kidnapped. If i do say so myself, I pulled off a great performance that consisted of many tears and pauses. Thank you, thank you. The fact I kept Bryce under lock and key was myself expressing my great fear of losing Bryce to anybody else, I didn't want to risk that at all, so I let my mind eventually take control of my actions for once... wait wasn't my mind supposed to be reasonable? I didn't know anymore. Hurting Bryce was like ecstasy. I was addicted to it. I wanted more of it. It was bliss.

"It's because I love you, OK?" That was all I could think of. Shit excuse, I didn't care.

"That's your only excuse, Marcel!" Bryce's sudden yell made me feel obliged to step back and let him rant. "If you'd just let me know why you torture me all the time that'd be really nice, babe!" tossing the word 'babe' out like he was calling me a shit-head stung. But the fact he was retaliating like this, in public as well, only further infuriated me. How dare he speak to me like that, after everything I had done for him... I grunted.

"Yeah, okay, and who the fuck are you to start nattering on at me like this? Who gave you that right? Who ever let you dare even speak to me like this... I can't fucking-" I stopped speaking after I noticed Bryce was now in tears. I couldn't let anybody see this. We were in public for crying out loud... I had to rush him back to my house as soon as possible. I grasped his scrawny wrist and pulled him back to my place, he didn't even put up a fight. He just sobbed and followed my lead.


Marcel's attitude had done a double back within seconds of me retaliating. I didn't know whether the plan I had conjured up would work or not, and it seemed trying to appeal to his better nature was virtually impossible. I was going to receive the punishment I had asked for by being so difficult. It sucked. I hated it. If he wanted to date me and proclaim that we were dating then why was he such an asshole? "Fuckin' shitheads!" Marcel roared as he flung open to door to his house after locking it. The living room was a mess, it was littered with broken bottles of alcohol and the TV was smashed, the couch was pretty torn up too and some of the wallpaper was torn. It seemed as though his parents had finally broke. I watched Marcel stomp up the stairs to his parents bedroom with ferocity, yelling profanities at them as I heard the door to their room be flung open with great force. I gulped sharply. I anticipated the worst and rightly so, Marcel was clearly the worst when he was angry. I could hear nothing but yells from both Marcel and his parents echoing throughout the house, it felt like a living hell. I was trapped in a house full of psychos with no way out. I felt terrible. And most important? Very fuckin' unsafe.

After a few more servings of loud yelling and profanities being tossed around, the sound of glass shattering broke the nattering and silence fell upon the whole house. That was when Marcel came stumbling down the wooden stairs, holding a smashed glass bottle with blood dripping from it. He also had blood stains all over his summer wear, his arms and his face. That was when it hit me. Marcel had... "Oh, fuckin' finally," he interrupted my realisation, I was stood dumbfounded with my eyes boggling as wide as humanely possible. "The two idiot are gone." I started shaking my head side to side in disbelief. Marcel... you just had to go and commit another two murders, didn't you? You didn't have any redeemable qualities at all... diddya? I began to whimper softly as I placed my hands on both sides of my head. "Oh, Bryce," Marcel chuckled. "Are you as happy as I am now that they're gonna finally be six feet under once and for all?" his sickly contorted smirk made me feel ill. I didn't want to be in that house there and then, I didn't want to face him any longer. I just wanted to go home.

"Marcel... please stop this madness, I-I just want to go home come on this is madness!" I screamed, tears streaming down my face as I clutched the sides of my hair in frustration. Marcel's face dropped and he let out a brief frustrated sigh.

"I've done everything for you, come on, I even let my own parents hit the sack and you're still not satisfied? Damn, fuck you so much, Bryce. How fuckin' ungrateful can ya get? It's fucking pitiful, come on," after hissing those spiteful words at me, Marcel grabbed me by my hair and dragged me up the stairs and into his room, slamming the door shoot behind him and chucking me onto his bed with force. "I wasn't planning on doing anything to you tonight, but honestly? You deserve to be taught a lesson." I let out a hopeless whimper and felt my whole body go limp. I couldn't move. I couldn't be bothered to move, actually. It was hopeless resisting whatever he did to me by now, all my actions would be futile and he was so damn remorseless it was pointless trying to play at whatever heartstrings he had left. I felt empty.

"Marcel..." I sniffled, watching him prop me upright on his bed, moving my limbs around like a doll's.

"What? You deserve this," he retrieved one of his weapons from atop his wardrobe; a pin. It was larger than most ordinary ones, so I felt a cold shudder race down my spine as he brought it closer and closer toward me. "Just sit back, relax and enjoy what I'm giving to you. It's not everyday someone gets to experience such a sensation, is it?" he then proceeded to dig the pin slowly into my abdomen after slowly pulling my trousers and boxers down simultaneously. Hot red blood began to seep out of the wound almost instantly, trickling down my body and forcing me to wince out of pure agony. "Why don't we carve something into your silky smooth skin, eh? To remind you of your mistakes?" Marcel planted a kiss on the wound he just inflicted on me and lapped up most of the blood with his tongue. I felt sick again. He began to pierce my skin over and over again with the pin, carving several words into my skin with precision. It hurt. It burned. I hated the sensation. I felt awful. I just wanted to go home already. There was nothing left of the guy I had once known and called my 'Best friend'. I hated this new image of Marcel. I hated it so much. But it was all I had left of the guy I used to know, respect and take care of. I... I had to deal with it. I couldn't escape this hell. I couldn't leave his side after all of this, it was impossible. He wouldn't allow me and I couldn't escape. I was trapped here. "Oh look, I'm finished," Marcel boasted as he admired his handiwork, wiping away my blood with his fingertips and licking it, staring at me with lustful eyes. I peered down onto my abdomen. I couldn't read the words. They were upside down. I tilted my head and waited for Marcel to translate. "Hm? Oh. You can't see it, right, silly me. It says "bitch", suits you so well if you ask me." I felt whatever colour was left leave my face. Bitch... huh? Is that what I was to him? Just a bitch? Was that it? I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Is that all I am to you, Marcel?" I asked him with a hoarse voice, staring up at him hopelessly. "Just a... bitch?" Marcel chucked and cupped my face in his hands.

"Oh, you really think I'd only think of you as a cheap bitch? I would've been done with you ages ago if that was the case. Do you really think I'm that heartless? Your mine, I'm yours, silly." he stared me directly in my eyes and curled his lips into a sickly grin. I stared back at him and slowly wrapped my frail arms around him. If I couldn't beat him, I had to satisfy him. It was all I could do. Marcel wrapped his own arms around me in response and buried his head into my shoulder. "I want you to do those type of things to me all the time, Bryce. They make me feel happy, you know?" I gulped in response to his words, causing him to face me. "Right? You'd do this?" I widened my eyes and nodded as fast as I possibly could. He smiled and bit his bottom lip. "Ah, thank you..." Before I knew it his lips were locked onto mine and he was lifting my shirt up and over my body, leaving me fully exposed in his bedroom once more. He caressed every inch of my body, he had even put the pin away before doing all of this to me, Marcel was... appreciating me. I felt... good. I let Marcel touch my body all over. It felt like bliss. The wounds he had just inflicted still hurt, but the ecstasy I felt of having some form of actual tender love from him felt amazing. Marcel slowly laid me back onto his bed, placing my head atop his pillow. He stared at me with eyes filled with interest and lust. "Bryce... I want you to say my name as I ravish your body, okay?" I gulped and nodded. "I want... to power through this situation with you. We can get rid of the corpses of Samantha and my parents," I widened my eyes and tilted my head to a side, "we can just cover it all up and live our lives like this in secret. Nobody has to know what demons we hide behind closed doors, right?" I hesitated replying for a second, then remembered I had no other options. I gave him a firm, understanding nod. "Ah, we're on the same page then... you get me, I get you. Now, I can't let you go to waste while you're so excited and obedient, huh?" Right.

Submitted: August 12, 2014

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