Madly In Love (Short Horror BxB)

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?'? '?????' ?? ???? ???? ???? ??????

Not for the feint hearted or squeamish!

Submitted: March 02, 2014

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Submitted: March 02, 2014



I love you ?

The message on my wall read; it was written in blood, all of it, and it was on my bedroom wall. I didn't know who wrote it or why it's there, but I couldn't sleep at all that night, my anxiety built itself up every time I heard someone move or something creak in my house, it was that bad. That was how I got my anxiety disorder, but the strange this is, every night when I went to sleep, I would wake up and find the message gone, with no dry blood left on my wall or anything, no cleaning equipment, no nothing. 

"Hey, Aaron!" my friend, Willow, called out my name, running up to me with a big grin plastered on his face, his snow white hair swooping across his face and his uniform all raggedy as usual and white converse a wreak. He's been my best friend for God knows how long! We've been through thick and thin together, and I don't know what I'd do without him! 

"Hi," I mumbled, hands in my hoodie pocket. Willow frowned slightly and ran a hand through his fluffy hair. 

"What's up? You seem down." I sighed. Should I tell him? I thought to myself, Yes, he'll understand! I stopped walking into the school gates and pulled him aside, behind a group of bushes where no one could see us. He brushed himself down and opened his mouth to speak. 

"Somebody's stalking me." I said, looking at him with glassy eyes, himself looking at me funnily and chuckling, hands on hips, acting as feminine as ever. Did I forget to say he's gay as hell? 

"Hun, don't lie to me, now, tell me what's really bugging yo-" 

"I'm not lying!" I snapped, feeling more angry then anxious. Willow flinched and looked at me with wide eyes, then looked at the green grass, the silence pooling in the atmosphere. He slowly nodded and stuck a finger in his mouth like he always does when confused or frustrated. 

"I see," he murmured, grabbing my wrist and leading me out of the greenery and pulling me through the second set of gates that lead into the school yard, people already looking at Willow funnily, one person yelling out 'Faggot' like they do everyday. He's grown to ignore the judgemental pricks about and just carry on with his own life, not giving two flips about what other people have to say about him. 

We soon reached the school's library. The staff working there welcomed us, and Willow pulled me into the backs of the massive area and sat me down on a spare chair, himself pulling up a stool and sitting himself down on it. "So, tell me about it," he urged me on, nodding my way. I shuffled in the seat a bit then looked him in the eye. 

"Every night, the words 'I love you' and a little love heart are drawn on my bedroom wall, no one noticing but myself. And when it comes to the daytime, it's gone," I held my head in my hands, myself knowing I sounded like a psycho. Willow cackled and slapped his knee. 

"That's bull! I bet you're just hallucinating, honey, you might be schizophrenic! Come on, let's get to form, psycho!" I shook my head, himself frowning. "You're serious, aren't you?" I nodded and he sighed. "I'll sleep over yours tonight to prove you wrong, come on our teacher will snap at us if we're late," he offered me a hand up and I took it willingly. Damn were his hands colder than usual, wonder why? 

My room was dark, the landing light was turned on and flickering like it always does and Willow was laid just above me on my bunk-bed, fast asleep. I couldn't sleep at all, the anxiety I have every night was eating me alive once again, even though Willow was with me this time, I still couldn't shut my eyes and just go to sleep. 
Then I heard some thumping. 

Thump. Thump. Thump- CRACK!

My eyes shot wide open. What was that? I wondered, immediately shooting out of bed and looking up at the sleeping Willow, tossing and turning. Stopping to face me, fluttering his eyes open. "What is it?" he groggily mumbled, stretching and yawning, clambering down the ladders. I clenched my sweaty hands. 

"I definitely heard something," I whispered sharply, looking around my big room, and wandering toward the window, looking out at the night's sky, seeing the bats fly freely around in the breeze. Willow sighed and ran a hand through his thick hair, wandering around my room, not saying a word. 
That was, until... 

"What the fuck!" he yelled, myself spinning around and facing him with my closet door wide open and his hand over cupped over his own mouth in shock. 

"What is it?" I panicked, rushing over to him and looking inside my closet. My eyes rested on the most horrific thing ever to be seen by man, this... this wasn't real life was it? Please tell me that was all a dream! What lay before me was a sack oozing out blood, with a note taped to it saying: 

?'? '?????' ?? ???? ???? ???? ?????

And there, lying beside the sack was a human heart, fresh blood puddled around it. I saw Willow dart straight for the bathroom out of the corner of my eye, myself stood near my closet in shock. I started shaking my head in disbelief, and then the thoughts came rushing to me. Who did this? Who? Why won't they show themselves? How do they know where I live!? and most importantly: Why do they love me? 

The sky was a bright shade of blue, the fluffy clouds moving across the shining sun, and myself huddled inside watching the beautiful scenery anxiously. I couldn't step foot outside, no way, not after last night. Willow wouldn't answer my text messages, though, which got me worried; I didn't ponder too much on him, I mostly wondered how the sack and its organ, note and the insides of the bag went. They disappeared, of course, just like the writing on my wall. I was growing more insane every night, the scary happenings kept rolling in and I couldn't do anything about it, my heart would race every night I was told to go to sleep, my palms were always sweaty, my brain was always working, I couldn't sleep! This was a living nightmare! I just wanted to be woken up from the damned dream! 
I lay my head on the window and let my eyes slowly shut, letting the darkness pour into my vision. 

When I woke up, I wasn't at home in the position I fell asleep in, I was surrounded by darkness. I couldn't see a thing and I was restricted, so my heart started racing and my palms immediately began to sweat. Where am I? I thought, looking around the pool of darkness once again. Am I still asleep? No way, I just woke up, didn't I? the thoughts were shooting at me like a dart and I couldn't stop them. 
But soon, some lights flickered on and the room was all clear to me now. I didn't want it to be clear as crystal, but it was. 
The room was all white, and it had a black staircase leading up to a trapdoor in the ceiling, so I was guessing this was a basement, and the floor was wooden, painted white, and I realized I was strapped down to a wooden board; this can't be good. 
There was a tray on a dusty, wooden table with a small knife placed on it and a scalpel resting beside it, a chainsaw was seated in a corner and there was a piece of rope with a noose in it hanging from nowhere in the ceiling and there was a chain-and-ball right next to the board I was fastened to. 
Soon, the sound of footsteps pooled into my ears, and feet with Gothic, buckled, platforms soon came in sight, then legs with black skinnies on, then a chest with a long-sleeved, black shirt revealed itself, then the person's face: I really wish this wasn't reality anymore. 
As the face pieced together in my head, I soon realized who I was facing: Willow. My eyes shot wide open. "Willow! Help me?" I whimpered, looking at him with wide eyes. He chuckled softly and looked at me with insane eyes. No way, was he the one...? But... how? I started uncontrollably shaking my head, over and over again, doubting reality as he came closer towards me. 

"It won't hurt, baby," Willow cooed quietly in my ear, walking over to the filthy table with the tray of 'goodies' laid on them, and he seized the scalpel and knife. "Trust me, it won't," he walked back over to me and cast me a sick, and twisted, grin, cocking his head to aside. My throat instantly went dry and my eyes widened even more with fear. 

"Don't do this to me!" I cried, warm tears streaming down my face, "We're friends, right?" he looked hurt as I said 'friends' and scowled at me, gritting his teeth, himself tearing up slightly. 

"I've always wanted to be more than friends, but I guess you've never understood my feelings because you're straight, haha," Willow whimpered, smiling at me, "So, I wanted to show you what I think of that," he then gripped the weapons tighter then pierced the knife through my skin around my chest and kept doing so over and over again, until I was screaming at the top of my lungs in pain and agony. 

"S-Stop this!" I exclaimed, voice hoarse. Willow shook his head and screamed as he plunged the knife into my right hand, then my left, then the same to my feet. 

"You never loved me, did you!" he screamed, laughter pouring into his wails. I cried even more as the pain scorched through my body. 

"You could've said something!" I screamed, almost blowing out my lungs, "I... you're my best friend, of course I love you... if you had more feelings for me, at least you could've let me... know..." I coughed and spluttered throughout my explanation, himself still frowning and sniffling. 

"I thought wisely and knew you'd turn me down, Aaron," Willow pouted, licking the knife crystal clear. I cringed. 

"How did you know I would?" 


I bit my bottom lip as it began to quiver. 


I flinched. 


"I love you...?" I whispered, voice cracking slightly. I saw him smile, but then he frowned again and looked down at himself, his clothes stained with blood. Then he laughed uncontrollably and plunged the scalpel into my right leg, peeling off all the flesh on it and himself licking at the exposed and bloody meat on me. I wailed in pain. "But..." 

"It's too late, Aaron!" Willow screamed, doing the same to my left leg. "No one will hear you scream," he stabbed the flesh on my legs, "Your last moments are with me!" he stabbed it more, "And you're going to die, baby!" he screamed, looking at me, knife and scalpel in hand, smirking. "Slowly..." he added. I shook my head. 

"No, no, no, no!" I wailed, "Just kill me now! I don't wanna-" he stabbed my lungs and dug out my neck, removing the organs there, I, having to watch him brutally kill me. 

"Say goodnight, honey!" he screamed. "But just remember... I fucking love you, baby... I'm madly in love with you..." I shook my head, himself scowling. "Doubt my feelings, why donncha!" he wailed, then plunged the knife right into my heart, ending my life. 

After all that time, I thought you loved me... you didn't you psycho... you didn't, did you?... After all those years of lies you just wanted to kill me, didn't you? Well fuck you too...

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