Bullying Girls

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Gossip, rumours... what's it all for?

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011



Why do girls always chatter about other girls?

In the end, they should know the truth always unfurls

And they find themselves within some trouble, knee-deep,

Then make oaths 'not to bitch' that they never will keep!

"See, Kelly's well ugly- not to mention a slag!"

But Kelly finds out: she calls Suzie's mum a hag.

"Aw, I saw Ellie getting off with your boyfriend!"

And that, of course, is where the girls' friendships will end.

Tears shed, insults flung, someone with a black eye

All because Shane told Katie that one little lie.

That Lilly told Chloe who told Hannah, who spread

It, until to a bigger story it led.

Telling petty gossip for a moment of glory?

Here- let Sophia tell her grim story:

"Well, it all started out when I told Mollie that

I'd seen Jen nick her iPod. (She'd called me fat.)

'Course it was a lie! Then I got a shock

When the police came to visit! A knock-knock-knock.

I had to tell them about how it was all fake-

Tell you what, I'll never again make that same mistake!

I said sorry to Mollie, and again to Jen,

Someday they'll forgive me, I hope- but when?

But for now, I just know that I never again will

Make up allegations, for fear of the bill!"

See what I mean? There is no happy ending

It only will lead to shouting, arguments and defending

The actions you know were nothing but selfish.

Then, when you lose friendships, you'll make the wish

That you'd been lovely and friendly and never spread gossip

So: be good, nice and happy- just... don't be a drip.

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