Crazy Sue

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Crazy old lady alert!

Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011



When cute little Jack Smith jumped out, and cried 'Boo!",

It gave a big shock to that mean miser, Sue.

You see, she was a strange person- y'know, one with a cat,

That she fed and fed and fed, until it was hugely fat.

She was old... she was ugly... she was somehowobsessed with juice...

Sometimes she was convinced that she was an actualgoose.

She liked to ignore her loneliness, and stuff her old face:

With goodies she didn't deserve- her neighbours found her a disgrace.

Especially the way she never cleaned up after she'd eat-

So let's say... her place wasn't exactly neat.

She hates children, she'd never had any of her own,

Nor husband or friend, she'd always said she'd preferred being alone.

Yet this was a lie, a simple ruse that she's played-

So no one would discover her crimes. She couldn't be betrayed

If nobody know of her non-guilty secrets,

Of abduction, and misery-infliction, outlets of anger about regrets.

Anyway, to the prank Jack played should we go back,

Because... I hear, they're still looking for poor 'lil Jack!

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