Dedicated Father

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A dear old dad trying to impart wisdom on his son.

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



"Look, son, at the big ol' moon, shining bright!"

"I try, Dad, I try, but it's chilly at night."

"Yes, feel the cool breeze rustle your hair!"

"Dammit! My cool fringe! This just isn't fair."

"Look at the calming dew, settling in the grass-"

"Bloody hell! A pat's coming out of that cow's arse!"

"Yes, David, shush- it's just nature, you see."

"Nature or not: pwooar, it's stinky!"

"Hey, I know, now enough of that.

I didn't bring you out here to witness a cowpat!"

"Sure you didn't Dad." Cough. "So what's the excuse?"

"Excuse? I just wanted to show you the views!"

"It's dark and it's dingy, and this is a field."

"I know- it's magic... it's almost surreal."

"I still can't see it, Dad, it still looks like nothing."

"It's beauty in simplicity, that's what ends worrying!

It relaxes, it's resigned- it's what people search for-

Can't you see that this is what God intended for nature?"

Then David opened his eyes, and he started to see.

He saw all the wonderful, glorious simplicity.

They sat there for hours, that father and son,

And walked home discussing just what they had done.

As son embarked on the stairs to his bed

He heard his Dad saying to the woman he'd wed:

"I don't give a crap about fields and it stank of poo-

I only went out with him to get away from you!"



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