Depressed Teens

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Those times when you get really low.

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



Ever get those moments where you just need to cry?

Well, here I am- thinking. Just wondering why.

Bloody teenager hormones- out to end your fun...

You find yourself staring at a wall, with a gun

Propped in your hand, and bad thoughts in your head.

Keep telling yourself people would not want you dead!

That's what I always do, and it seems to work-

What do you mean? I'm still here, aren't I, you jerk!

Hey, hey, there's never a need to get personal!

I tell you, I'm fine, see what I mean? First of all:

I can laugh with my friends, then cry on my own

Have a breakdown one day- my sister on the phone...

That's normal... I'm sure... oh, what do you know?

I'm not depressive- I'm not, look! Oh, can't you just go?

I can be fun! I can jump up and down

And be jolly and merry, or just clown around.

I'm the joker within my circle of friends!

'No friends'? Urgh, do your harsh words ever end?

They like me, I'm sure, although some of them say

That I do cry a lot... be that as it may!

I'm normal, I'm normal! Don't be such... a grinch!

You know what? You're the worst ever conscience!


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