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We've all fought with siblings...

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



It all starts with the love between two close siblings,

Just chilling- they're in their sitting room, sitting.

Watching TV, bitching about family

It's nice to escpe from the relatives' calamity.

But then the sister says to bro something she shouldn't:

"You going to that party? Naah? I thought that you wouldn't.

Because lets face it, you don't have any friends."

He could turn her to stone with the look he then sends.

"What do you mean? I'm well popular, you know.

I've got people lining up to meet me as soon as you go!"

"Pfft, yeah right... no offence mate, but that's not happening.

I mean, you avoid ice-cream because you think that it's fattening.

You're not the type to get drunk, and never in your life

Have you stayed up all night... it 'causes too much strife'!"

In his mind the brother is formulating insults...

Weighing his options, considering her faults.

"Well at least I'm not fat.' Is the best he could produce:

Little does he know he's just tied his own noose...

Holding back tears, the girl wants to scream

As she tells him how he's ugly, andpetty and mean.

"Oh yeah, and your hair? It looks awful like that.

Yeah, like it's caked in a layer of fat.

I heard none of the girls in the year want to date you

'Cos you stinklike a toilet... and look like one too."

That's enough, the brother storming from the room

And sister dearest following, taunting, causing gloom-

About rumours she's heard, or started (or both),

To be honest it sounds as though she's started to boast.

One final insult, one terrible and bad-

"By the way, you're going to get bald like Dad."

The brother turned around, and cracked a wide grin...

Before cracking a punch on the side of her chin.

© Copyright 2018 whyistherumalwaysgone. All rights reserved.

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