New Year's Mistake.

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That party you'll never remember anyway.

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012



It's New Year's Eve- does any one care

About the precautions of which you must be aware?

Of course not- they're too busy getting smashed!

Ladies going clubbing- men 'Out On The Lash'.

They don't want to think about being careful tonight

They want to make out, have sex- maybe get into a fight?

But I know, and you know, that some drama will break out

And it'll be something everyone wants to talk about:

"Hey, Shhhteve, you know what? I did it... I kisshed her!"

"Yes, mate, we know... the thing is- that was your sister."

Fireworks fly into the muggy atmosphere

But all people cry is 'More beer! More beer!"

No one cares that it's a new start. It's all an excuse

To dress up, get slutty... y'know... act a bit loose.

The bells will chime twelve and the losers will cry:

"Don't let the opportunity to kiss me pass you by!"

As midnight looms closer some sit at home

Sure another depressing year is what they have to come.

They'll cry a silent tear into their ice-cream tub

"Oh God! I wish I had someone to love."

They're lonely, who blames them? No-one invited them out

To party and have fun. They're allowed to pout.

But back to the gathering of desperate saddos

As well as the arrogant people and 'hoes'.

The fight will ensue, between drunk man and strong

The battle- although funny- was in no way long.

The intoxicated lying in a pool of vomit

The fight lost- but he's so drunk he thinks he's won it.

Someone else handing out illegal drugs.

He think it's cool, it's groovy, as he lugs

Around a big bag of gear, to rot his friends' brains.

See? There he goes! At it again.

And in the morning these pitiful people

Will wake with a hangover almost unreal.

Trying to recall what occured just that night,

Their bleary eyes opening. Oh. What a sight.

Men and women scattered like soldiers killed in battle

The host herding them away like a hoard of cattle.

A tremendous headache and amnesia

Is all achieved from New Year's. Does that please ya?

See, me? I'd prefer a night of television

Eating chocolate. But hey. That's my decision.







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