Terrifying Water

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A brave man's attempt to conquer a fear.

Submitted: December 25, 2011

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Submitted: December 25, 2011



He was ready to face that deep opposition
His wife just ignored him; he wished that she's listen!
To his fears and his doubts... as he peeled off his shorts
To reveal the costume that's used for these sports.
He took a deep breath- closed his eyes for a second,
It wasn't too hard, surely! He reckoned.
He took a confident step on the warm sandy ground,
Opened his eyes, took a quick glance around.
He broke out in a sprint, no time to worry
Of the dangers he faces, the surroundings now blurry.
Then with a 'splash', he jumped into the water...
The chill that ran through him really made him falter.
He screamed a girl's scream- his wife was embarrassed
When he hopped around, shivering and clenching his fists.
But ooh! It was numbing, he was losing some feeling.
He was glad. But then- oh God!- a touch sent him reeling:
A sliver of something was brushing his leg...!
A fish? Or- a shark! No! Soon he'll be dead!
He screamed for help, help! His wife's head shot up- almost,
Then she rolledher eyes heavenward as he looked so morose.

The truth of the matter was that he was so scared

He fainted clean away, and no one really cared.

Not even the lifeguard, who simply took heed

And said- "Oi! That bloke's fainted because of some seaweed!"

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