The Facebook Addiction

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We've all felt it!

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



It's half past two, and I need to sleep!

Nothing to do but start counting sheep.

Get into bed and close my eyes...

I need some rest, no matter the size.

But all I want to do is facebook

It is the one thing that's on my brain.

Knowing that someone might have poked me-

It's driving me totally insane!

I know I shouldn't do it, really...

I should tell myself to stop.

But it makes me feel so very happy

So, of course, I grab the laptop.

When I go on no one's online.

But you know what? That suits me fine.

Update my status... post some spam...

Even send some e-mails if I can.

It's really strange, this feeling I get

Like a hole in my heart is being filled

It's something I've found- I won't forget

To quit, would feel like being killed!

Notifications flash on my page

I don't care about my bad grades!

(Or anything else: not at this stage).

I need all my profile pictures the same,

Pulling poses that are kind of lame...

I'll give myself a rude nickname!

Maybe then I'll accomplish internet fame!

This is the person that I am now-

It's really not a thrilling past-time.

Posting statuses of which I am not proud:

'4 my facebk poem I need a rhyme'.

'Just 8 a reli yummyyyyy banana'.

'LOL just saw a cat outside.'

'OMG cant find maah pajamas'.

OK, so maybe (about a few of these) I lied.

So to those of you acting like this...

Try to use it in moderation,

Try to think of those without computers

And compare yourself to them in relation.




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