Sorry Baby

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A girl participating in The Hunger Games takes on the one person she doesn't want to take on, losing her own life for it.

Submitted: April 12, 2012

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Submitted: April 12, 2012



Sorry Baby

Not about an actual Hunger Games character, but a made up one.


My bruises ached as I pressed myself against the huge tree, keeping my body hidden from the Careers sauntering past. They thought they owned the world- and all because they had been training their whole lives to kill innocent kids.

All the Careers were sixteen and over apart from one, Clove, who was fourteen. I hated them all.

"Cato, you have to say that they are all keeping themselves well hidden." One of the girls, Glimmer, pointed out as Cato stopped and turned around, looking straight into the face of all the Careers.

"They are. Which is why we need to pick our targets, one by one. Who next?" Cato asked the group, and they all thought for a moment before Clove spoke up.

"What about Baby?" She suggested, and I furrowed my eyebrows together. Who was Baby? There were only four left who weren't Careers- Katniss, Peeta, my boyfriend Salem

'Baby' was me? They had chosen to nickname me Baby? But..but why?

"She's an easy target when it comes to her strength from what I've seen, but she moves quick and keeps herself well hidden. I mean, you saw her at the bloodbath didn't you? She ran, got the knife that I was going for along with a backpack far away from the heart of the Cornucopia and disappeared. I don't think anybody has seen her since, and she's definitely not dead." Glimmer said, and Cato thought for a moment before smirking and nodding.

"She's got good tactics, but if we search long enough she'll come to us eventually. Along with that, ugh, boyfriend of hers.Y" Cato said before leading them past the tree I was hiding in.

I didn't dare take a breath in fear of being found and killed in less than a second- but once I was positive that they were gone and I couldn't hear their footsteps anymore I breathed out deeply in relief.

"I know you're there, Baby." I whirled around, my long black hair tumbling across my shoulders as I did so.

"Who's there?" I asked just as Salem came into view. I sighed in relief and he grinned at me.

"Did you know that the Careers and the other tributes have nicknamed you Baby?" He asked, and I nodded.

"Yeah, but why?" I asked, and Salem chuckled quietly before explaining.

"The Careers actually started the whole thing and I guess it carried on. They've called you 'Baby' mainly because your boyfriend, me, is in the games and couples call eachother 'baby' and it's really weird and even though-"

"Salem!" I growled angrily, and he held up his hands before continuing.

"But they also call you 'baby' because they think that you'll be an easy kill when they find you and that you're hiding like a baby. Everyone pretty much thinks that you're too scared to come out and fight, you're hiding- just like an actual baby." Anger flooded in my mind and I jumped down onto the ground, Salem following my every step.

"Baby, where are you going?" He asked, and I hissed,

"Don't call me that."

To which he replied,

"I'm calling you baby because you're my girlfriend, not because everyone else is. Chill out." He said defensively, and I shook my head in disgust and sped up.

"I'm really sorry I made you volunteer for this Salem. If I were here alone I would have won already instead of hiding from everything." I said sourly, and Salem looked hurt.

"You didn't have to make me volunteer. I would have anyway, to be here for you." he said, and I groaned and turned around, glaring at him icily.

"I don't need you here for me, Salem. I could have won without your help." I told him before stalking off and leaving him there to register everything I had just said.


The ship flew over my head- Katniss, Peeta and Glimmer were all dead along with a boy Career I didn't know the name of- now it was just Cato, Clove, Salem and me.

I thought I was doing so well- being able to survive this long meant I HAD to be good, right?

Although I knew that Cato and Clove were both ruthless- best friends even before the games, they had both trained their whole life together, which meant that I would need to watch out.

Cato and Clove had left the Cornucopia- probably so that they wouldn't be found and killed, although I didn't see what they were worried about. They thought I was just going to stay hidden and I knew that Salem wouldn't hurt a fly.

I twirled a piece of grass in my fingers, a small smile on my face at it's softness.


The voice interrupted my thoughts and I jumped up immediately, holding my knife and crocuhing into a defensive position.

When I saw that it was Salem I sighed and stood straight, raising one eyebrow at him.

"What do you want, Salem?" I asked, trying to sound menacing as he winced at my anger to see him.

"They nearly got me, Baby. They nearly killed me." Salem shuddered, taking a step toward me.

"Cato and Clove?" I asked, and he nodded weakly.

"You know, they think we're both the easiest of targets. I know because they hardly tried when they found me. They just walked toward me with smiles on their faces." He said, sounding disgusted. "But I think they know that they'll have to kill eachother if either of them wants to win."

That last sentence made me freeze and almost crumple to the ground as I felt my whole body quiver.

"Salem, what if they try to kill eachother before they come after us? What if they both die, what if we're the last two?" I asked, and realization crossed his face. Slowly, never taking his eyes off me, he pulled out a long spear.

I was frozen as he walked toward me, regret filling his face with every step.

"Baby, I'm so sorry." He whispered, bringing the spear up above his head.

As he started to lower his arms I stabbed my knife into his chest, a cry of desperation escaping my lips as his eyes widened and he looked into my eyes.

"Baby..." He choked, and tears streamed down my cheeks freely.

"I need to win. To do that, I need you dead." I said, wiping my tears away and trying to act strong. I didn't need the public from my district watching me and thinking that I was weak.

Finally, Salem let out one more choked cry of pain before collapsing to the ground, his eyes rolling back into his head as I felt the eyes of my district burning holes into my skin. At least, that was what it felt like.

Finally I couldn't handle anymore and burst into tears, dropping to my knees and trying to pump Salem's heart frantically.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." I said with each pump, feeling a stabbing pain in my own heart as I did so.

Suddenly I felt two different pairs of eyes on my back and whirled around to see Cato and Clove just a few meters away from me, both smirking. Cato had his arms crossed while Clove's hands were on her hips, a gleam in both of their eyes.

"No." I sobbed as they stood right behind me, both smiling triumphantly.

I decided to try to bed them out of this, get them to consider letting me live.

"If you kill me, you'll have to kill eachother to win." I said, and I saw Clove hesitate.

"Cato, she's right. I don't want to-"

Just then a gasp of horror escaped her lips as Cato stabbed his sword into her stomach, twisting it as a choked scream of pain escaped her lips.

"I-I thought you p-promised." She stuttered, holding her stomach.

"Well, I don't believe in promises." Cato said cruelly as Clove finally dropped to the ground, her eyes still wide and staring up at the sky. I wondered why the ship hadn't come to take Salem's body yet- it had been a few minutes.

I took Cato's distraction to start crawling away desperately, but it didn't take long for him to grab my hair and pull me back hard as a gasp escaped my lips.

He spun me around and looked into my eyes, smirking.

He knelt down to my level and stabbed his sword into my stomach, not bothering to pull it out as I held my stomach in pain, looking up at him pleadingly after a few seconds. It didn't bother him- he just smirked widely and kissed my cheek as I fell down, black spots covering my vision.

The last thing I saw was Cato's lips moving as he said two words that made me scream inside.

"Sorry, Baby."

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