This Is All A Dream

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A girl trapped in a dream.

Submitted: January 29, 2012

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Submitted: January 29, 2012



Author Note: Let me just tell you that this is a story based on the movie Inception. It's about a girl with the same powers, only this is the first time she has accessed them and she doesn't know what to do.


This is all a dream.

My eyes snapped open, and I saw tall buildings above me. Where was I?

I frantically tried to remember where I had been before this exact moment, before I had woken up.

With a jolt, I realized that I hadn't actually woken up.

Yes, I had opened my eyes just then, but my body was still asleep in my apartment.

I was dreaming.

But how could I be dreaming if I knew I was here, and I knew everything that was happening?


I whirled around to face my fiance, and I widened my eyes.

"Jake? What are you- how did you get here, with me?"

My voice sounded panicked, I knew he shouldn't be here.

So why was he?

"Ella, please relax. I've entered your mind Ella. This is your sub-consciousness." He told me, smirking when I gasped and took a step away from him.

"How?" I whispered, and he looked away. I knew I wasn't going to get an answer to that just yet.

Suddenly he looked over my shoulder, smiling as I heard a loud whooshing sound.

I turned around in time to see water rushing past me, as though there were some sort of shield protecting me from it.

"Don't you remember? Your brother is staying at our apartment for two weeks. You know what he's like, Ella." He was calling me 'Ella', what he started calling me after I told him my name was Eloise.

I was scared and confused, and he chuckled and took a few steps closer to me.

"He threw a bucket of water on top of you as a prank."

It was at that moment that the buildings around us started to shake and crumble, falling down around us.

"He's shaking you, he thinks you're faking."

Air rushed from my lips, how did he know all of this?

"Ella, I have entered your mind. I know what is happening to you here and in reality."

I looked into his eyes just as I felt the ground sink under me, the crack loud in my ears.

"He's pumping your heart, that alchohol was too much for you last night." He informed me, and I covered my mouth.

What if I was dead?

What would happen to me then?

"You're not dead Ella, relax." He told me, and I sighed in relief as everything went silent.


This is all a dream.

My eyes snapped open, and I saw a creamy ceiling above me when I sat up.

Had I woken up?

I saw my brother standing at my bedside, and he sighed and hugged me tightly.

"Jesus Eloise, I thought you were dead!" He gasped, and I wanted to tell him that I had thought the same thing.

"Hello again Eloise."

I looked at Jake who stood at the doorway to the bathroom, holding a towel.

He walked over to me and put the towel around my shoulders, and it was then that I remembered what had happened.

"Hey, you poured water on me..." I looked up at my brother, but he was just staring at Jake and blinking.

Suddenly he ran forward, about to punch Jake in the face before Jake shot him, his body falling down to the ground.

Tears of fear and shock filled my eyes, and I looked up at Jake.

"You shot him!" I screamed, and he grabbed the towel back and put it on the bed, picking me up and kissing me on the forehead.

"Honey, this is still your dream." He whispered in my ear, and his voice soothed me as I let myself cuddle up against his warm chest.


This is all a dream.

My eyes snapped open, and I saw the night sky above me when I sat up.

Was this real or just another dream?

I then noticed that I was holding Jake's hand, and he was smirking down at me.

"Are we just going to keep waking up in a dream?" I sighed, and his smile widened.

"Sweetie, I have to tell you something." He told me, his grip loosening in the slightest.

"What is it?" I asked him, worry in my voice.

"This isn't a dream."

I widened my eyes as he let go of my hand, and I was suddenly falling down, down to the ground.

And then, as I heard screams of fear from others around me, I hit the cold hard concrete and everything went black.


This is all a dream.

My eyes snapped open, and I saw the faces of police officers, doctors, nurses, everybody.

They were pumping my heart frantically, screaming orders at eachother.

And then they all just disappeared, and the only person I saw was Jake, standing there holding a tiny totem.

He grinned at me, placing it on a table next to me as it started spinning.

Then the doctors and nurses were back again, and I heard fast beeping as I struggled to keep my eyes open.

Suddenly, as my eyes finally closed, the last thing I saw was the totem stop spinning.




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