The Stories Of Damien: The Pit

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The Story Of damien Listen to the story of when he's a old man how he feels about DOC And remember......There will be more....of damiens adventures

Submitted: February 16, 2008

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Submitted: February 16, 2008



The Pit

Jordan Baker

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Im goin to jail but o well.

I can tell sittin here in my cell bored as hell.

I failed with this life of crime.

Now im sittin here doin time.

Take a minute to listen to these rymes

that im sayin to process through your head

that bitch ass fuckin warden

think im soft

But i swear to god i will cut that muthafuckas throat off

Sittin here in my cell

Sitten in jail

Going to hell

its kinda funny out a all this shit

i knew i be sittin here in this pitt

that prisoner shouldve stabbed me in the leg

i shouldve been out a long time ago

but instead

im sittin here in this chamber

fueled with anger

Lookin down at the halls of strangers.

I remeber the jurys faces

When they said i think the case is guilty

i didnt know but right then that shit hit me

i was goin straight to DOC

Me alone nobody with me

sittin here in my bed knowin that the next time i get out off here my ass will

be dead...........................................................(to be continued)

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