Struggling with SILENCE

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some thoughts on what we experience too little of. because we rarely experience it, i think we're all just a little bit unnerved by it.

Submitted: July 25, 2010

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Submitted: July 25, 2010



maybe crickets maybe humming of the lights or the laptop or but maybe Nothing but breathing

rustle of shifting weight (because it’s uncomfortable) and then stillness

and there are not periods or commas in your thoughts and no capitalization except for words like Life and Love and Sadness and then the yelled words like


and we lay in our beds in the Darkness and hear the silence

it is heavy like a book but it has Empty pages because what is there is not seen and you are oppressed by what it says because it says Nothing

and sometimes God is there and He is speaking but you can’t quite hear what He is saying because He is in the whisper of the wind and you are in the

we flee we turn up the tv or the radio or the laptop we try to drown out the Vast with the minutia of our lives but we will never drown it out because it is always there


for us to stop for us to listen and drift on the currents of TIME

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