An essay about Asian Politics

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Submitted: March 06, 2009

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Submitted: March 06, 2009



Politics in Asia has gone a long way. From the well-known and believed first civilizations to the modern society today, the factors affecting it influenced many countries of Asia. One factor is History. North Korea, for example, became a communist country for the Russians once influenced their government. South Korea, on the other hand, was influenced by the Americans, just like us. Another is the type of government. On the case of North Korea and South Korea, you may consider it as an example, too.


And if you know, some countries like China experienced the influence of culture towards politics from some of the teachings of its profound philosophers. The politics in the Middle East countries were also influenced by their culture, specifically, religion. 


So how does the population of a certain country be influencing politics? Think of the Philippines. You can see that we do have a large population. It is clearly seen if you are known of our country’s crisis from the past. Shortage came, went, and may come back again. If the whole population of a certain country would not be given enough attention, accommodation, facilitation and education by the political leaders, the people would might as well suffer the same problem again and again. History repeats itself. The dictators, the rebellions, and the war can come back anytime. Who knows? At the edge of the 20th century currently on worldwide recessions, we should be aware of this. It is clear that the world is big, yet too small for a battleground called politics.

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