An essay about the Asian society

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Submitted: March 06, 2009

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Submitted: March 06, 2009



History has touched the nest of our modern society today. Population swayed. And culture waved. Globalization was born. Neocolonialism dropped by. What else do you expect to a massive and promising wonderland named Asia?


Are the Westerners more responsible of the society we have today? No. Asians decide for themselves. We strive to be the better us. The thought-provoking culture of India, the hidden talent of the Philippines, the strong heart of Korea, the mighty armor of Japan, the beloved Israel and the roaring tigers of Asia. We all stood up for ourselves and made our path. This is not mild economy, not vicious politics, but merely the dream of the Asian society.

From the murder of World War I to the suicide of World War II, Our Asian society has been harnessed on how to face our harsh world today. Yes, we cannot deny the tragic history, yet we can mold another on our own. We pull the trigger. We continue to fight. History repeats itself, not to make us fall down our trench, but to give us a chance in order to climb the Himalayas.

-W.A. Garcia

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