Essay : Life?

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Life is where we are.

Submitted: March 21, 2009

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Submitted: March 21, 2009




Essay: Life?

They say everything happens for a reason, even the unexplained. Life has a clue. Your existence has, too. People don’t just come in and out of our lives. They live a spot in our hearts. Every moment is to keep; it’s a treasure, don’t you think? Even though sometimes you feel wasted, don’t be. Things happen for a reason. There are just times when you lose a game; it teaches you a lesson to be more than who you can be. And when winning proclaims you, be good. For a true winner doesn’t brag, nor doesn’t boast. He keeps his feet on the ground. Stands straight and helps other people stand for their own. Now you have a true winner.
Life is not just a matter of sacrifice; it’s about one’s strength to be himself. Losing a game doesn’t always mean you’re a loser, it simply means that it’s not yet your time. Don’t cry too deep. Being a winner is approaching, may be not in a game, but in life indeed. Think about it, it is the best of all. No trophies that can be broken, no medals that may be lost. Life is a place where we go to places. Life is a movie where everybody gets a role. A movie wherein we are history. History in every heart we’ve touched. No matter how, no matter what, life is where we are.
-W.A. Garcia


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