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When I walk the streets alone

And the rain touches my face

I can hardly breathe

Seeing the last cloud to dim

And the very last star to fade

As I watch the night sky

I remember the old days

In the cold night

And storm yells

Thunder awakes

There is a cloth that keeps me warm

And that makes me safe…


Things are passing the drops

Then somebody is there

Cleaning the clutter over the slate

Slowly with fortitude

Having each forlorn moment

Sitting in silence

Watching the heavens till morning

And starts each day with a smile


 I see those stars glow near the moon

The wind whispers strength

And carries away my worries with the leaves

Falling apart to the ground

Leaving a dusk of joy

Ensuring bliss to come…


In darkness I learn how to seek

In search I learn to trust


When each star appears in the sky

I remember

What it taught me about believing

And risk-taking to stay alive even concealed


Submitted: August 24, 2007

© Copyright 2022 wikhaiinn. All rights reserved.

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