Redefine my fall

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redefine it

Submitted: November 06, 2007

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Submitted: November 06, 2007



Redefine my fall
It is hard for me
To reminisce,
Like this
And I can’t stop…
And escaping…
To your doors,
Then I’m finding you somehow
I’m keeping your face in my head
And I’m finding you right now
As they are pulling me down
Away, away from you
Could I ever see you?
I don’t know if this is right
But my feeling aint stopping
As I fall back down the ground
And in this land
That hates me to see the sky
I love stargazing
And I always see your star
Up there and high
Then, for some reason,
I want to sigh…
Still it’s hard to fight
So that you won’t leave me in the flight…
Harder and harder,
Deeper then colder,
Higher and darker,
I yearn that little smile
I long for the moment
That can bring me back to you
When is the warmth in your arms?
Redefine the way I collapse…
Redefine it all…
Hear me call gently with this tears
Falling down in this stable apprehension
They’d pushed me in oblivion
To the paranormal…
That is what they’d wished for
That is what they dreamed of
Hear me call,
With the flashing lights
Thunder my blunder…
Where is hope?
Feel the vibration,
Hold my hand
To the frustration,
I’m in depression
With this tears
With you standing tall…
Let me last for you…
Redefine my drop…
I love you…
And I won’t stop finding you
Till we re-assemble our hands again…
We’ll be walking in each of our shoulders,
Go on,
Redefine my fall…

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