"The Seal"

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i wrote this last school year for our school bulletin board, dedicated to my fellow beloved friends. At first they just tend to act like my fans,they just get to know of the happenings in my life,but then,later,as time goes on,some of them were really my friends. I know,and I met them throug the test of time,we went in a trial yet we remain in each other's shoulder. I believe how important they are to me;they were given by God and I must not take them for granted. fir that,I learned how i must,and how I will take care of a friend,especially in trouble.


Heading down wherein the forlorn bridge startles,

Chasing grounds against the leech of thunder,

At a glance in the garden I met someone new,

From the start, when the sun arises.


At hand we are!

On the dot in this burning bush

It's just on time; it's the best we are

No storm shall loot us apart


Just in means of fire against dust,

With a brave stance beyond,

Through the skies above;

We are all in can, branched-in a seal


Just like sand,

We are different from each sea

But just like water,

The sand has its own isle along with the ocean covering its nest.


Friendship is a seal from the bush, sent for people who need it

It casts a spell full of magic

It makes a ladder that has bough, affability and compassion

The real strength is justified only in night


Yet a leaf falls

Then see how the wind blew it off

And think how the ground shall catch it;

Do you think the leaf can return from tree again?


Submitted: August 26, 2007

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This was beautiful man!

Sun, August 26th, 2007 7:19pm


hey,thanks for that,I hope you really like that. Godbless my friend.

Sun, August 26th, 2007 12:29pm

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