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It was 1am so I wrote about a mentally unstable girl who got lost in the forest and...well...

Submitted: July 06, 2015

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Submitted: July 06, 2015



Darkness. A  heavenly glow from the moon tore through the clouds, like an emerging sense of  hope in a field of oblivion. The voices chased me as I ran through the forest. Lost. I was imprisoned by my own mind. I needed  to escape, to feel a sense of freedom but somehow I ended up in this labyrinth of delirium and hysteria.

Perplexed, I sat down. My mind was chaotic but the soft soothing sounds of the nearby river calmed me down. I let out the breath I hadn't realised I was holding. Gingerly, I took my bag off my back and searched through the jungle of clatter inside it. I found a water bottle and drank. It was a relief; a rush of refreshment flowed through me as the water calmed my insanity. At that moment, a roller coaster of questions disempowered me. Why am i here?

I looked around expecting the worst yet i saw nothing harmful. The trees stood like proud statues - soundless, immense, harmonious. I never truly appreciated nature and the true beauty of such simple sceneries. I was mesmerized by the way moonlight attempted to enliven the atmosphere; I was bewitched by the mysteries that the forest held. Animals, unusual creatures, hidden in the depths of greenery. Mystifying sounds emerged from countless directions: screeching, howling, rattling, thundering. It was like a faultless soundscape. Nature protected every aspect of the forest, everything had its own place. I adored the way everything belonged here...expect me. The infinite sea of questions flooded my mind again. Why am i here?

A sudden rush of deathly discomfort pierced through me; the forest began to feel utterly eerie. I glanced behind me. And there, on the desiccated grass, was a dead body. Impossible. I stumbled backwards while i screamed for help, fully aware that it would never come. I was in the middle of no where, lost, alone, trapped;  and now a lifeless body lay in front of me.

It was a girl. A young, potentially beautiful girl. Her hair was a waterfall of blond waves, soaked in blood. The blood oozed out of her chest and I couldn't do anything but watch the life pour out of her soul. Reluctantly, i walked towards her.  The sight was bloodcurdling.  Evidently, the girl was stabbed. Her whole body was covered in endless wounds. Before I realised, i was imprisoned in a pool of her blood and i couldn't help but notice how beautiful her top was. It was yellow and very vibrant,  also soaked in blood. My own thoughts terrified me. Why am i here?

If the girl was stabbed, the person who hurt her must be here too. I touched the girls wounds, her body was still warm but there was no hope for her. It was unusual, despite the tragedy, the forest still looked peaceful. The sky was a radiant shade of blue, it cast a delicate light over the girls body. Whoever she was, she did not deserve to die like this. I picked up a few flowers and placed them over her body. A few minutes later, they were also soaked with blood.

Insanity defeated all my attempts at self control. I began rocking back and forth. Panicked. Who would do this to this girl? I was glued to the ground. My body wouldn't allow me to escape. I sat still for hours, simply watching the dying girl. She looked so innocent; she probably had hopes, dreams and plans. All ruined. Perhaps she was lucky, she escaped from the world full of inequality. She escaped from the world in which people who behaved differently were considered 'mental'. Suddenly, i was overpowered with hysterical laughter as I realised I've been holding the bloodstained knife all along.

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